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What we offer

Flexible Solutions

Yes, we have exceptional products, programmes and technology. But they’re not set in stone. We’ll make our solutions fit your needs. We won’t make your needs fit our solutions.

Flexible Approach

Flexibility isn’t confined to our solutions. It’s the hallmark of everything we do and it’s why we always look to build partnerships with our clients based on a deep, authentic understanding of who you are, what you need and how to engage your employees.

Flexible People

We expect the unexpected. Stuff happens, needs change, people are people. Flexibility means we have the imagination and resources to quickly change direction, to jump on unplanned requests at a moment’s notice, and to always go the extra mile when you need us to.

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Our Products

Our award-winning software helps organisations to support their employee engagement strategies in everything from benefits delivery and health and wellbeing to reward and recognition.

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Benefits and Discounts

Our benefits delivery platform includes discounted employee shopping, salary sacrifice benefits hosting and fuel savings alongside a range of community features. It’s flexible, so you can integrate any existing benefits you may offer.

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Reward and Recognition

From a simple thank you to a gift or points based rewards solution with over 25,000 reward choices, our reward and recognition solutions can be used to engage your employees and reward them for their performance, living your company’s values or just about anything else you can think of.

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Health and Wellbeing

Our health & wellbeing solution offers a range of self-assessment tools and improvement plans for your employees’ emotional wellbeing, physical fitness, diet and personal finances.

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Employee Engagement Hub

Our flagship solution and employee engagement hub of choice for many leading organisations, spaces, is a focal point for your employee engagement activities. spaces brings together the various elements of our employee benefits delivery, reward & recognition, health & wellbeing solutions and a great deal more.

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Easy to Access & Simple to Use

We have loads of different ways your employees can access your scheme. We think it’s best to have a chat about how your employees live and work and to understand what works and doesn’t work before recommending one.


Your Own Branded Scheme

Make our solution your own by aligning it with your company or scheme brand. However your employees experience the scheme, it will always be in tune with your brand values.


Industry Leading Shopping Discount Rates

Many of our amazing deals with the UK’s leading high-street retailers are not available to the public, meaning your employees can save a great deal of money on everything they buy. Whether it’s the weekly shop, a big purchase or just keeping up with the latest trends, this is a voluntary benefit that goes a long way to enhancing your employee value proposition.


UK Based Employee Support Team

Based at our head office in Oxford, our customer support team is always ready to help out with any queries from your employees.




A Simple, Quick Launch

Our account management team has the experience to seamlessly guide you through the simple and quick set up and launch of your recognition scheme.


In-the-Moment Social Recognition

Our social wall allows everyone to connect and communicate in liking, sharing, commenting and thanking each other – everyone has a voice, everyone gets to feel a little special.


Employee Personalisation

You can build profiles which include bios, photos and contact details, enabling your employees to add a meaningful, personal touch to their account.


Over 25,000 Reward Choices

When it comes to reward choices we really do have everything covered. Because giving your employees choice and good value is our number one priority, our huge range of reward choices is designed to tick every box.




For Healthier and more energised Employees

Provides your employees with a host of resources, free helplines and self-assessment tools to help promote a healthy lifestyle across three key wellbeing areas – physical, emotional and financial.


Proven Benefits

the zone supports your employee engagement strategy and demonstrates your intent and desire to address the wellbeing needs of your employees.


Great for Business

Integrate the zone as part of either your engagement or wellbeing strategy and it will deliver benefits to your employees, your customers and importantly, your organisation as a whole.


Real Time Management Information

The administrator’s portal provides you with valuable insight into the overall health and wellbeing status of your employees. It allows you to collate anonymous employee data for insights into the best strategies and programmes for improving the overall health and wellbeing of your employees. This data can also help you lower premiums on group risk insurance products.



Your All In One Employee Engagement Platform

The focal point for all your employee engagement activities, Spaces enables you to bring together all your organisation’s employee benefits, reward and recognition and, health and wellbeing solutions into one place.


Get Social and Celebrate

Use the news feed, photo gallery and social recognition wall to share and celebrate all the great things happening in your organisation.


Give Your Employees a Voice

Allow your employees to have their say by inviting them to contribute their ideas, expertise and experience.


Tailored Communications Plans

Use our proven ‘Pixel, Paper and Person’ communication planning model to plan and create a communications plan that is relevant to your organisation and employees.


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We are passionate about employee engagement, why not give us a call on 01865 876696 to chat with one of our team.


Who we work with

Our customers come in all sizes and from all sectors. We’re proud to work with each and every one of them.

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       We are seeing positive signs of greater collaboration across the whole organisation. 


    - Matthew Glover, Reward Manager, DAS UK Group

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       The ereward solution is a great way for us to manage and administer our recognition and incentive programmes. 


    - Sarah Wilson, HR Manager, Nobia UK

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       The peoplevalue solution is accessible to all of our 3,000 colleagues across Nobia UK and is proving extremely popular, particularly as whole families are also able to benefit. 


    - Sarah Wilson, Reward Manager, Nobia UK

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       I think it has something for everyone. 


    - Sandra Shipley, Employee Benefits Manager, SSE

Sharing our thoughts

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Let’s get social

We’re in the communications business so, of course, we have a presence across all key social media.

We try to avoid cutting and pasting content and endlessly blathering on about ourselves. We do our best to keep whatever we say short, relevant, authentic and useful whenever possible.

We would love to hear from like minded organisations and people, so if that’s you, feel free to join our conversation.