3 key perks of an employee engagement hub

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3 key perks of an employee engagement hub

With the world of work becoming increasingly more complex, businesses need to ensure their employees are fully on board with their values and goals and giving their best every day to ensure the company remains competitive. It’s therefore great news that businesses can now utilise and benefit from a ‘hub’ approach to delivering rewards and benefits to their employees.

Nowadays, many companies offer their employees a wonderful range of benefits and rewards as part of their employee engagement strategy, which, naturally, comes at a significant cost to their business. Unfortunately, with these being delivered on multiple platforms, using many different access details and with information presented in numerous places, businesses often fail to reach the full benefit of their investment because of poor benefits take up.

This is where an employee engagement hub can help you to remove those barriers to reward and benefits engagement and, even better, becomes a perk itself.

Perhaps it’s time for your business to consider adopting a ‘hub’ approach to employee reward and benefits delivery? Let us give you a few reasons why…


Consolidating all your employee reward and benefits activities means that everything you’re offering is in one, easy-to-locate place which therefore streamlines the entire delivery process.

Let’s face it, we all expect to be able to get access to information quickly and easily. It therefore makes sense to apply this to reward and benefits activities. Whether it’s your recognition platform, employee surveys, benefits package or wellbeing tools, give your employees one point of entry and they will be more likely to engage.

In turn, this means you can simplify your employee communications and point them in one direction to get the most out of their employment with you. Greater uptake means happier employees which in turn drives productivity. Win-win!


Effectively a network where all of your employees can log in and engage with the same content, a hub makes your engagement activity more inclusive because everyone has access and can get involved.  Imagine, no more forgetting to update ‘that system’ or ‘this page’, which can often leave various employee groups feeling forgotten and not cared for. With a hub, it’s simple: it’s on the hub!

On top of this, a good hub should allow design customisation to truly represent your brand.  Add your company values, enable sending of thank yous to employees, add branded communications, company news and give your employees a space where they can voice their opinions through surveys and polls, to name a few.

With a good range and mix of features across the business, employees will be able to engage and feel part of a community which will have a great impact on company culture.

One space, one community.


Never underestimate the power of data.

With everything in one space, defining and measuring the performance of your reward and benefits offering becomes much simpler. Hubs typically allow direct access to raw data for your own analysis or via a series of graphs and charts in a handy infographic.

With access to data, you get a valuable insight into what’s working and what isn’t. Scheme admin teams can see how many people are logging into the hub, how often it is being used, and what the most/least popular features and benefits are. With this key information, you can plan your strategy and communications, and ensure you don’t waste resources promoting things that aren’t valued by your employees.

The perks don’t stop there. There are plenty of other ways that an employee engagement hub could dramatically benefit your business. Find out for yourself – discover spaces!

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