5 ways to make every day employee appreciation day

5 ways to make every day employee appreciation day

5 ways to make every day employee appreciation day

It always feels good to be appreciated, doesn’t it? Getting a “thank you” or “well done” reinforces our value and adds a touch more positivity to our day. For employers, appreciation has the power to transform productivity, engagement and the overall success of a business. Why? Because businesses are powered by people, and those people, when they feel valued, respected and appreciated, will be more likely to work harder, smarter and be passionate about what they do.

According to Gallup, if businesses doubled the number of employees who receive weekly recognition, they’d experience a 24% increase in quality and a 27% reduction in absenteeism. On top of that, 40% of employees reportedly said that they’d work harder if they were recognised more often.

Put simply, appreciation equals engagement. But, while getting on board with Employee Appreciation Day is great, celebrating your people shouldn’t be a one-time event. To truly make your employees feel valued, appreciation needs to be part of your everyday – part of your culture.

Here’s 5 ways to make everyday employee appreciation day.

1. Celebrate the process, as well as the result

A lot of time is often spent praising the end result whether that’s the completion of a big project or a target that’s been hit. Of course, these kinds of achievements are commendable and the employees involved deserve recognition, but what about the time and effort that’s been put in before that?

All of the hard work and commitment that lead up to resulting achievement deserve credit too. A long journey starts with a small step, after all. So, whether it’s the little achievements along the way or the sheer dedication of an individual, taking the time to recognise the work goes into the process will ensure you’re consistently expressing your appreciation of your employees and in turn giving them that extra drive to continue their great work.

2. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

To really make appreciation part of everyday life at your business, you also need to get your employees involved. Peer-to-peer recognition, which is when employees thank each other, will put recognition at the heart of your culture because appreciation is regularly expressed at all levels and more often. Basically, you want your employees to be exchanging their thanks and actively voicing their appreciation of each other whenever they choose.

A good way of encouraging your employees to regularly thank each other is by implementing a peer-to-peer recognition scheme. This gives your employees the tools to nominate colleagues when they do great things based on your company goals and values. Every individual having the power to share messages of thanks across the business encourages ‘in the moment’ recognition and therefore makes appreciation a fundamental part of your business’ set up.

3. Communicate often

Gestures of appreciation span much further than a simple “thank you”. Regularly communicating what’s going on in your business shows your employees that they’re part of a community that’s trusted, respected and valued. It also reinforces your employees’ roles and purpose in your business’ journey. In other words, employees appreciate being kept in the loop, and in the same way, keeping your employees in the loop makes them feel appreciated.

Transparency in your communications is key here. Secrets create rumours and misinformation which are a recipe for disengagement and can be really damaging, so it’s important that your communications are honest, authentic and delivered in a way that ensures your employees feel fully informed and involved. That way they’ll feel more appreciated too.

4. Make it personal

Employee recognition is powerful, but to truly have an impact it needs to be meaningful to the employee. Company-wide gestures of appreciation are of course appropriate from time to time, but it’s those moments of individual recognition that really drive home a meaningful message of gratitude to employees.

A big “well done” email sent to everyone in the business is great, but it doesn’t connect with employees on an individual level. A personal message that explains exactly why an employee’s actions or behaviour is appreciated is special, valuable and really amplifies the significance. It’s recognition that resonates, and that’s what really makes an impact.

5. Use technology

Technology is a very useful tool that can help to make appreciation part and parcel of your business. Having an easy-to-use accessible space for employees to send a thank you message to a colleague, receive praise from others, while also seeing the great work being achieved and appreciated across the business is a fantastic way of inspiring and motivating your employees on a daily basis.

That’s why a reward and recognition platform is crucial for any business wanting to build a culture of recognition. Not only can these platforms facilitate peer-to-peer recognition because they give employees a specific outlet to share their personal gratitude towards colleagues, it also makes all instances of recognition visible business-wide. It therefore acts as an alternative communication channel that gives everyone in the business the ability to exchange personal messages of appreciation whenever they like.

As we’ve shown, there are a number of ways you can make employee appreciation part of everyday life in your business. While Employee Appreciation Day is a helpful reminder, employee recognition needs to extend beyond this point. Building your entire culture around recognition is how you’ll really make your employees feel valued and drive engagement across your business.

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