Aligning Benefits to your Workforce – 3 top tips

The benefit of offering the “right” benefits

Within every organisation, everyone is different. Not only are they different in the roles that they perform within the business, but even more so outside of work in their home lives. Age and demographic can play a huge role in this. The school or college leaver has a completely different set of priorities to someone with a young family, an empty nester, or someone coming towards the end of their career. So, it is no surprise that motivating all of your workforce with benefits can be tricky. However, perseverance is highly worthwhile given the extensive benefits of having a motivated and engaged workforce. Not only does productivity soar, but customer service improves, and if you are offering the right benefits, you’ll be able to attract top talent too.

Here are our top three tips for ensuring that your voluntary benefits package hits the mark.

1. Something for everyone

The key to providing the right benefits is to have a broad enough offering to ensure that there really will be something for everyone. By offering a Voluntary Benefits scheme, staff are able to pick and choose the benefits that are useful for them. For example, discounts on the weekly supermarket shop – whether you shop at Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Iceland. Whether you are looking for savings on a family holiday and airport parking, or two for one cinema tickets, and savings at the local pizzeria, Voluntary Benefits can offer a range of discounts and savings so that everyone will find something that appeals to them.

2. Make it accessible

Another nuance to keep in mind when devising staff benefits, is how accessible they are to all of your people. Not everyone will necessarily use a PC during their working day. Those working off-site, or on the factory floor, those in a retail environment, or carers out in the community, or those on construction or manufacturing sites.  By ensuring that those staff can easily access your benefits platform via their mobile phones, or from a tablet, laptop or PC at home, means that they are far more likely to engage. It builds a team culture and it also makes choosing of benefits more personal as partners and family can be involved too.

3. Keep promoting

And finally, don’t forget about promoting the benefits scheme. Some people will be advocates from day one, but others will take longer to convince, and others will remain sceptical until they see something that takes their fancy. So it is important to keep up your marketing efforts for the scheme.  Let them know when a new retailer is added to the scheme. Share “Deals of the Week”, or ask staff to tell their tales of how they have saved a small fortune on a holiday of a lifetime.

Not only do you need to maintain momentum with marketing the scheme but you also need to vary how you tell or remind people about it, because not everyone consumes information in the same way. For those that are not online during the working day, perhaps flyers or posters in the tea/coffee break areas would work better. Once you have their attention, the scheme itself needs to be easy to navigate to help employees find exactly the benefit they’re looking for.

Choosing a well established Voluntary Benefits platform like Advantage from PeopleValue provides you with a huge range of benefits to offer your workforce. As well as a solution that is ready to use out of the box, we are able to provide advice and guidance on how to go about engaging your workforce to ensure enthusiastic take up of the benefits.

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