Alleviate the pressure of rising fuel prices with an employee fuel discount card

Alleviate the pressure of rising fuel prices with an employee fuel discount card

Now that more businesses are opening and more people are starting to travel into work, albeit to a lesser degree than before than pandemic, the rising price of fuel will have a bigger impact on people’s finances. In fact, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently reported that fuel prices in March showed their biggest annual increase since January 2020, with pump prices hitting 123.7p a litre.

The good news is that businesses can alleviate fuel costs and support their employees’ financial wellbeing by giving them access to a fuel discount card. A very popular employee benefit pre-Covid, fuel discount cards will be an increasingly useful tool for employees as we see travel increase across the UK for both business and pleasure.

Why offer your employees a fuel discount card?

Despite a large proportion of the UK’s workforce still working from home, restrictions are slowly lifting which means that more people will be starting to travel again whether that’s for work, social activities or holidays in the UK. With many businesses adopting a hybrid approach to work, many employees will start commuting to work again as they split their time between home and a central office or location. On top of that, there are many industries in which employees simply need to be on-site in order to fulfil their jobs.

As a result, fuel is still very much an expense that individuals need to factor into their finances. Fuel discount cards therefore are and will continue to be a valuable employee benefit that can help individuals make fantastic savings every week. By giving your employees’ access to a fuel discount card and giving them the opportunity to save, you can alleviate the financial pressure of rising fuel prices and support your employees’ financial wellbeing.

The BP Plus Fuel Card

We deliver a fantastic fuel discount card through our advantage solution called the BP Plus Fuel Card. Giving employees access to the wholesale prices for unleaded and diesel fuel, the BP Plus Fuel Card guarantees savings at any BP fuel station in the UK. With over 1,200 filling stations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, BP operate one of the largest networks of service stations across the UK, meaning that your employees won’t have to travel far to save money on fuel and will likely come across a BP station on their travels.

How does it work?

Employees simply order a BP Plus Fuel Card through our advantage platform and complete a simple application process to set up a direct debit. Cards are sent to individuals in the post, and they also receive a unique PIN via SMS to their registered mobile and the “My Messages” area of their advantage account. As soon as their card arrives, employees can start using it at BP fuel stations to pay for fuel.

To guarantee savings, BP Plus Fuel card holders are sent a fixed price for unleaded and diesel fuel every week. This determines what they will pay when they fill up at any BP fuel station that week, regardless of the advertised price per litre. Payments for fuel purchased using the card is taken via direct debit the following week.

The benefits

One of the main advantages of the BP Plus Fuel card is that it’s so easy to use. Once an employee has received their card, they simply need to use it to pay for fuel at a BP filling station and they can enjoy great savings. On top of that, BP are the largest operator of motorway service stations in the UK, where BP Plus Fuel card holders can save up to 20 pence per litre. For people that travel often, whether that’s commuting to and from work or visiting friends and family, those savings really add up over time and can make a huge difference year on year.

For employers, the BP Plus Fuel Card really is a simple yet valuable benefit to offer their people. We manage the entire process from sending out the cards to delivering the communications, and even have a Customer Services Team available to resolve employees’ questions and queries should they have them.

Want to find out more about the BP Plus Fuel Card? View the product sheet here.

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