Banish the holiday blues with these simple ideas

Banish the holiday blues with these simple ideas

With September looming, the Summer holiday season is slowly (and sadly) coming to an end. A large proportion of your workforce will have spent some time over the last few months exploring new parts of the world with family and/or friends or simply taking a well-earned break from work.

The end of Summer marks the start of employees returning back to their usual routines and catching up with work. And this is when the ‘holiday blues’ can set in. Instead of feeling refreshed and ready to get stuck back in, employees can feel tired, demotivated and become preoccupied reminiscing about the fun they’ve had. This isn’t uncommon; we all do it from time to time. It can be hard to reclaim that ‘get up and go’ attitude at work after a lovely time away.

What can you do to help?

To stop the holiday blues invading your workforce and turning into a problematic threat to productivity and morale, we’ve got some easy remedies that will help to clear away the cobwebs, energise your employees and get them feeling happy, motivated and engaged.

Schedule fun in the diary

Whenever a holiday gets booked, the countdown begins. We’ve all done it – count the months, the weeks, the days until we can clock off work, escape our usual routines and enjoy some time away exploring, relaxing and having fun with those close to us.

So, why not give your employees something to look forward to when they’re at work? You can reinstate an energy of excitement in the workplace by organising some fun events. It could be a casual evening affair or a team activity day out, these kinds of informal events will keep your employees going as the weeks roll on and we get into the colder months. As long as your employees know that they’ve got something fun planned in the future, they’ll feel more positive about work.

Encourage employees to set goals

Another way of pulling your employees out of the post-Summer slump is to encourage them to set individual goals to work towards. This simple action will encourage your employees to cast their minds forwards, rather than backwards, and take steps to achieve their ambitions through hard work and determination.

Why not challenge every employee to establish one goal that they’d like to reach by the end of the month or end of the year? By doing this, your employees will be likely to put more energy into work and it’ll help to reignite their passion for the job.

Provide direction

Many people find it very easy to come back to work and hit the ground running, but this isn’t the case for everybody. Having an extended period of time away from work can make it difficult for some employees to effectively plan their time and prioritise tasks straight away.

You can help by ensuring that Line Managers introduce some form of structure to returning employees’ days. Regular catch-up meetings to provide support and highlight priority tasks are helpful. That way, if employees ever start to feel demotivated, distracted or disconnected, they can be quickly put on the right track and given the help to move forward.

Introduce some incentives

Incentives and rewards are an effective way to encourage your employees to get fully immersed into work again and inspired to push themselves to do their best. Now is therefore a beneficial time to introduce a strategic incentive scheme that will banish the holiday blues and drive productivity.

If your business has a reward scheme, why not introduce some short-term incentives to encourage positive behaviour and performance? You could give out extra reward points to well-performing teams or individuals, for example, or even deliver some extra special awards if you want employees to really go the extra mile.

Incentives go a long way and create healthy competition which generates a positive and productive atmosphere to work in – great for employees that have just come back after some time away.

Think about the bigger picture

Of course, many of your employees will feel a bit disconnected and dejected once the excitement of Summer has faded, but don’t always assume that they’re simply suffering from the holiday blues. Other factors can contribute to your employees’ attitudes and behaviours at work that should be met with a deeper level of support and guidance.

If an employee seems unhappy, disengaged and uninspired, for example, think about the bigger picture and think about their wellbeing. They could be struggling with their mental health or have a number of other things going on outside of work that are affecting how they feel and how they operate at work. It’s therefore important to check in with your employees and offer them effective and relevant support so they can get back on track.

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