Reward and Recognition

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Using reward and recognition to give business insight

When it comes to any kind of business initiative, Return on Investment is key. This is no different for employee engagement solutions, and more specifically, a reward and recognition platform.Before it’s even rolled out to your employees, your reward and recognition scheme should have a...

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The people’s values: how we decided and implemented our values

When creating an identity for your business, the best place to start is deciding upon your corporate values. Usually a set of words or phrases, your company values should be an accurate reflection of who you are as a business; they should encapsulate your ethos...

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3 simple employee appreciation ideas

It’s never been more evident just how crucial recognition is in the workplace. Recognising and appreciating your employees boosts morale, drives engagement, improves retention, and more. We say it time and time again (it’s part of our ethos); it’s all about the people. So, how...

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When, why and how? Employee Appreciation Day

Friday 1st March is Employee Appreciation Day. A day where, you guessed it, companies across the globe are encouraged to show their workforce that they’re valued. Created back in 1995, the “unofficial holiday” marks a day where companies make the effort to do something special...

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The impact of recognition on wellbeing

Recognition goes a long way in the workplace. In our How powerful is “thank you”? blog post, we uncovered just how much of a difference recognition can have on your employees’ day-to-day morale and engagement with your business. As is commonly known, when we get recognised for...

How Powerful is “Thank You”?

How do you feel after being recognised for doing something well? I’d hazard a guess that you feel good! So, with that in mind, think of the difference that recognition can make in the work environment in terms of employees’ day to day morale and...

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