Christmas Rewards – Fantastic Choice

Send a special thank you to your employees when it matters most

Mark the end of 2021 in a special way with valuable rewards your employees will truly treasure.

Make Christmas memorable

We believe that businesses should always strive to deliver memorable rewards to their employees that truly cater to the individual, especially at the end of the year. By doing this, your employees will feel more valued, appreciated and, of course, be more likely to start the new year off on a positive, productive note.

We offer three Christmas reward solutions that, in their own way, give employees the opportunity to choose their own rewards.

Online Reward Catalogue

Give your team the freedom to choose their own rewards through a smart points-based platform with an extensive catalogue of rewards available.

Code-based redemption service

Send a specific digital voucher to your team or let them choose their own using our simple code-based redemption service.

Bulk delivery service

Choose a digital voucher or gift to send to your team and we’ll deliver it directly to them. A smart and simple way to say “thanks”.