Christmas Rewards – Landing

Send a special thank you to your employees when it matters most

Mark the end of 2021 in a special way with valuable rewards your employees will truly treasure.

Make Christmas Memorable

We believe that businesses should always strive to deliver memorable rewards to their employees that truly cater to the individual, especially at the end of the year. By doing this, your employees will feel more valued, appreciated and, of course, be more likely to start the new year off on a positive, productive note.

We offer three Christmas reward solutions that, in their own way, give employees the opportunity to choose their own rewards.

Online Reward catalogue

Give your team the freedom to choose their own rewards through a smart points-based platform with an extensive catalogue of rewards available.

Code-based redemption

Send a specific digital voucher to your team or let them choose their own using our simple code-based redemption service.

Bulk delivery service

Choose a digital voucher or gift to send to your team and we’ll deliver it directly to them. A smart and simple way to say “thanks”.

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Give your team a fantastic choice of rewards

The best way to celebrate your employees’ hard work is to give them the freedom to choose their own reward – one they’ll truly treasure.

Through our Christmas Rewards platform, we’ll give your employees reward points which they then use to buy a reward of their choice, from an extensive catalogue. From hampers and champers to gift sets and vouchers, your employees simply use their points to get a memorable reward, tailored to their personal interests.

Flexible points-based platform

Give all your employees the same number of points or vary the value depending on the individual or team – it’s up to you!

Tailored reward catalogue

When your employees log in, they’ll only see items that match the amount of reward points they have.

Fantastic choice of items

From festive favourites to unique items plus a range of digital vouchers, your employees have plenty of rewards to choose from.

Simple delivery

Your employees will receive a branded email with instructions on how to log into the platform and use their reward points.

Useful progress reports

Easily monitor your employees’ activity on the platform with access to valuable engagement reports.

How it works

Let us know your budget and requirements. Simply contact us by clicking the ‘Find out more’ button below.

We’ll allocate reward points to your employees. You have complete flexibility over the value of points you give your team.

Your employees will receive a branded email to let them know they’ve received a special delivery of points and how to log into the platform.

Individuals select the item(s) they want, enter their details, complete their order and they’ll receive their reward in the post!

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We’d love to make Christmas special for your team this year. To find out more, simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Deliver the digital vouchers your employees want with a simple code-based service

Our code-based redemption service makes it simple to say “thank you” to your employees with a digital voucher they’ll love. You can send a specific voucher to your team or give individuals the ability to choose their own, it’s up to you! We’ll send out unique codes to your employees via a branded email, which they then use to redeem their digital voucher through our platform.

Huge range of retailers

Your employees can enjoy shopping at Currys PC World, Argos, IKEA, John Lewis & Partners, B&Q, River Island, Primark and many more.

Flexible to fit your needs

Simply let us know your budget and we’ll provide a fantastic selection of vouchers for your employees to choose from.

Simple Delivery

Your employees will receive a branded email with all the information they need to redeem their rewards.

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Say “thank you” to your team with a digital voucher or gift

Enjoy a simple and efficient method of delivering valuable digital vouchers or gifts to your entire workforce with our bulk delivery service. All you need to do is choose the voucher or gift you want to send, and we’ll deliver it to your team. It’s as easy as that!

Huge range of vouchers available

From high street shops to restaurants and pubs, we have a fantastic selection of digital vouchers for you to choose from.

Branded and personal

Emails are branded to add your business’ personal touch and you can even add a personal message to make it even more special for your team.

Simple delivery

Your employees simply receive an email with a link to their digital voucher so they can use it straight away or save it for a later date.

Your choice of gift

If you’d prefer to send your team a gift in the post instead, let us know. Simply choose an item and we’ll arrange for it to be sent to your employees.

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