Claire Farrow from Mad World to speak at our final Round Table of 2019

Claire Farrow from Mad World to speak at our final Round Table of 2019

Claire Farrow, Conference Director and Head of Content for Mad World, will join us at our next Round Table event, taking place on Wednesday 13th November at The Langham, London.

Claire FarrowClaire is responsible for the content of the Mad World Summit and also drives the content for Mad World News. She has been freelance for more than 20 years and has had the honour to work for many leading publishers, including the New York Times. She considers herself to be a forerunner of the gig economy.

We are delighted to have Claire as the guest speaker for our final Employee Engagement Round Table of the year, who will help us put employee mental health under the microscope.

The mental health and wellbeing of employees has become a key focus for many businesses, with strategies and programmes in place that aim to deliver a level of support that truly makes a difference. With individual worries, stresses and problems to tackle, this is no easy task for employers, and employee wellbeing best-practice is always up for debate.

At our upcoming Employee Engagement Round Table, we will discuss employee mental health in depth, considering how it shapes motivation, productivity and, of course, engagement.

HR and Reward professionals from businesses across the UK are invited to join us at The Langham, London for this useful and thought-provoking event. Our aim is to provide insight, inspiration and give people the opportunity to share knowledge so that businesses can refine their approaches to employee engagement.

Event details:

Wednesday 13th November

The Langham, London

9 am – 1:30 pm

Testimonials from previous events:

“The engagement roundtable event hosted by peoplevalue was excellent. The balance of informal and facilitated discussion was just right and involved everyone. It was great networking opportunity in a relaxed setting, with a good mix of sectors represented. I would certainly recommend attending one of these events.”

“A super environment, featuring a good mix of people from a good variety of industries. A good forum for sharing experiences.”

“A thought-provoking morning in a beautiful setting. The discussion was of a very high quality and the participants were generous with what they shared under peoplevalue’s expert moderation.”

Delegates are invited to book their spot on a first come, first serve basis.

Would you like to join the panel?

If you’re interested in attending, please email Claire Bowler at [email protected]

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