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Discover the most underused employee communications and engagement channel that’s falling under the radar

Communication is key to building and maintaining an engaged workforce. While there are many communication channels out there that help drive engagement, one that’s often overlooked and under-utilised by businesses is their Line Management team. In peoplevalue’s second webinar in their employee engagement series, Andy Caldicott and Pip Rule are joined by Jill Leake, who discusses how Line Managers can motivate, inspire and reward employees, ultimately enhancing employee engagement.

In this webinar, Jill will share how the development of one key employee engagement enabler can impact all others, including:

  • Effective strategies to increase emotional connection with your employees
  • Proven techniques to win trust and encourage open feedback
  • Quick wins to enhance your employee experience
  • Why forward-thinking businesses are investing in the development of this underused channel

Our guest host – Jill Leake, internal communications and engagement expert, Director at JL Communications Consulting

Jill is an internal communications and engagement expert who has worked for over 20 years with employers spanning FTSE100 to SME.  Throughout her career, she has developed and delivered employee communication strategies for a wide variety of programs including one of the most significant privatizations of the last decade in the UK. These have resulted in best in class engagement, values, diversity and inclusivity scores.

Throughout this time, Jill recognised the impact of one specific area on employee engagement.  This led her to create JL Communications Consulting, where she strengthens productivity and retention in medium-large businesses by developing the social and emotional skills of line managers.

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