DAS UK Group drives employee engagement using ereward

DAS UK Group drives employee engagement using ereward

How do you successfully implement a recognition programme? DAS UK Group demonstrate a prime example with their innovative “RIGHT Here, RIGHT Now” scheme using peoplevalue’s ereward platform.

With over 700 employees across DAS Insurance and DAS Law, DAS UK Group wanted a company-wide recognition and rewards programme that would champion their core values and foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration.

The answer? peoplevalue’s ereward platform.

Due to ereward’s simple yet sophisticated design and the capability to fully tailor and personalise the solution, the DAS programme was designed around their company values:

  • Respect
  • Improve
  • Go the extra mile
  • Honesty
  • Think customer

“RIGHT Here, RIGHT Now” was launched; a branded recognition and rewards platform that allows every employee to send instant e-thank yous across the business.

With tailored processes built-in to ensure that managers are alerted when members of their team are recognised, ereward also acts as an internal social media platform. Every e-thank you is visible throughout the company via the scheme’s social wall where colleagues can like, comment and share on each instance of recognition. In addition, a simple “thank you” can get converted by managers into a points-based reward which can be spent via the ereward redemption catalogue containing over 30,000 inspirational/aspirational reward choices.

What has resulted is a boost in employee engagement and greater collaboration across the whole organisation. DAS employees really are on board with “RIGHT Here, RIGHT Now”. 90% of staff are actively engaged and logging into the system and every month, around 300 e-thank yous are submitted.

Due to ereward’s ease-of-use, “RIGHT Here, RIGHT Now” has effectively broken down communications barriers and mirrors DAS’ wider strategy to foster a culture of collaboration and inclusivity.

To read DAS UK Group’s full case study and find out more about their programme, please click here.



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