Employee Discount Turn-Offs

Employee Discount Turn-Offs

Now is a prime opportunity to review and reflect on your employee benefits programme. This blog focusses on employee discount solutions. We often hear about the barriers to engaging with a discounts solution; an area that should be high on the list when reviewing or implementing a platform. In this blog I look at a selection of these and how they can be addressed.

Too much Plastic

Let’s face it, most purses and wallets are overflowing, so trying to add a plethora of reloadable plastic cards into the mix is hard. This is a common objection, which is why we have a fantastic selection of “multi-store” cards that facilitate shopping at lots of different retailers. This means your employees can benefit at multiple retailers without needing carry multiple cards. Of course, there are people who don’t mind carrying a few extra cards but for those who do this is the best way to remove that barrier.

Re-loading Cards

We’re all desperately trying to get our time back aren’t we? And the prospect of re-loading a card can be enough of a turn-off to stop users doing just that, but also, further engaging with the platform. So, it’s hugely important that a tool like direct debit loading for cards is in place, especially for regular spend areas like grocery shopping. This means that once setup, the user just uses the card to pay and it’s automatically topped up each month, but more importantly, the cashback keeps accruing automatically too. This approach also helps employees to budget their regular spend each month and helps promote a more structured approach to managing monthly outgoings.

Not Instant

One of the things that the smartphone has given us is instant gratification. Whether that’s checking our bank balance in seconds, buying something online or getting news pushed direct to our device. We have access to a huge number of tools and information at our fingertips. This has also had an impact in the employee discounts industry as people want their saving instantly. Therefore, platforms and technology have had to adapt and the number of discounts available via instant digital vouchers is growing rapidly meaning that instant savings are accessible. Instant digital vouchers should be a key factor of any discounts platform.

There may of course be more potential turn-offs and barriers to engagement, but the three I’ve mentioned are common themes given the way that shopping behaviour is evolving. In terms of applying this to your current offering or a future project, these are key areas to address or ask of a solution. If you want to see how we remove barriers to engagement (those shown here and others) then we’d love to hear from you.

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