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Engagement Masterclass #10

Discover valuable ways to support your teams’ physical wellbeing

Masterclass host – Andy Campbell, Business Development Manager, peoplevalue

Taking care of your employee’s health in the workplace is not only beneficial to them, but essential to organisational success. Individuals who are physically healthy, and who know their health and wellbeing needs are being supported by their employer, will feel more motivated, creative and dedicated to the work they do. It’s true that good health is good business and the physical wellbeing support your business offers to its people will likely play a huge role in their loyalty and your business’ EVP.

In this Engagement Masterclass video, peoplevalue’s Andy Campbell discusses the valuable ways businesses can support their team’s physical wellbeing. He provides a demo of our advantage solution, showing you how we help businesses deliver a range of professional wellbeing tools, including discounted gym memberships, a health cash plan and other great services to help employees look after their health.

About advantage

Hundreds of businesses across the UK use our advantage benefits & discounts solution to deliver fantastic benefits to their people. As well as providing a variety of physical, emotional and financial wellbeing resources, advantage hosts a range of other valuable benefits including thousands of shopping discounts, free competitions, a fuel discount card and much more.


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With cost of living increases continuing to create financial challenges for people in the UK, now is the time for businesses to take action to provide valuable, long-term support to help their employees.

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