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Engagement Masterclass #13

How users enjoy their reward points through our online catalogue

Masterclass host – Matthew Price, Business Development Manager

When it comes to rewarding your employees for a job well done or a significant milestone in the workplace, one way to go that extra step further is by offering reward choice. By letting your team members choose a ‘thank you’ that best represents them, you’ll increase the meaning and longevity of the reward, demonstrate that you value them as individuals and give their morale an extra boost. 

In this masterclass, Matthew Price, Business Development Manager, will provide an overview of how we help businesses around the UK deliver reward choice to their people when it matters most through our simple points-based system. He will demonstrate how users can redeem their points-based currency through the reward catalogue on their scheme and choose from over 25,000 products, experiences and more. 

About ereward

Our ereward solution helps businesses around the UK celebrate workplace achievements in their own way, with a tailored points-based reward programme designed to support them in building a high-performance culture and reaching their long-term goals. 


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