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Engagement Masterclass #15

How to build an online community through your employee engagement platform 

Masterclass host – James Hickling, Business Development Manager

There’s no doubt that, in many industries, hybrid and remote working is here to stay. But, while there are many perks to these ways of working, it can be difficult to ensure employees’ social wellbeing is sustained and workplace culture isn’t lost without frequent in-person interaction. That’s why, over the last two years, more businesses have relied heavily on technology to connect teams and sustain workplace relationships, wherever they’re working. But what exactly can businesses do to build a workplace community online?

In this Engagement Masterclass video, James Hickling, our Business Development Manager discusses the role of technology in ensuring workplace culture remains intact as more businesses move towards flexible working policies. He provides a demo of our all-in-one employee engagement solution, spaces, and explains how features such as personalised profiles, the social wall and news updates, help to build a workplace community in a virtual space.

About spaces

spaces is our all-in-one employee engagement platform. We work with hundreds of businesses around the UK to strengthen their employee value proposition by delivering valuable employee benefits, rewards, recognition, wellbeing support and more, all from one space.


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