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Engagement Masterclass #3

How to incorporate recognition into your employee discounts platform

Wednesday 26th May 10:30-11:00 

Masterclass host – Andy Campbell, Business Development Manager, peoplevalue

Recognition is a valuable employee engagement tool and, when facilitated with the right technology, can make a huge difference to your employees’ motivation levels, morale, productivity, wellbeing and more.

In this masterclass, our host Andy Campbell demonstrates how recognition can be integrated into an employee discounts platform. Using our advantage solution as an example, Andy showcases how our smart, interactive recognition tool gives employees the ability to appreciate their colleagues and celebrate positive moments with their team, as well as enjoy the other fantastic benefits available on the platform.

About advantage

advantage is our flexible benefits & discounts solution that helps employees make incredible savings on their everyday shopping and more. Personalised, accessible and intuitive, the platform delivers a consumer-grade shopping experience and makes it easy for employees to make their money go further. On top of that, employees can access a number of other valuable features including our smart recognition tool.

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