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Engagement Masterclass #4

How to support your employees’ financial wellbeing with a fuel card

Wednesday 30th June

Masterclass host – Andy Caldicott, CEO, peoplevalue.

Despite a large proportion of the UK’s workforce set to continue working from home long after restrictions have been lifted, many people have started commuting to work again either full-time or part-time. As a result, fuel is still a necessary expense that can have a big impact on people’s finances – especially considering the rising costs.

In this Engagement Masterclass, our CEO Andy Caldicott will show you how your business can support its employees’ financial wellbeing by giving them access to a fuel card. Using our advantage fuel card as an example, Andy will demonstrate how employees can effortlessly save up to 25p per litre at over 1,200 BP fuel stations across the UK.


About advantage

Hundreds of businesses across the UK use our advantage benefits & discounts solution to deliver fantastic savings to their employees. As well as delivering a unique fuel card that offers valuable savings at over 1,200 fuel stations across the UK, advantage hosts a range of other valuable benefits including thousands of shopping discounts, free competitions, wellbeing services and more.

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With cost of living increases continuing to create financial challenges for people in the UK, now is the time for businesses to take action to provide valuable, long-term support to help their employees.

Discover how to help your team make valuable savings and reduce the impact of rising costs this Winter and beyond with our e-book.