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Engagement Masterclass #5

How to support your employees’ mental wellbeing through your benefits platform

Wednesday 28th July 

Masterclass host – Andy Campbell, Business Development Manager, peoplevalue

Employees who know their needs are being looked after by their employer will feel more valued and willing to go the extra mile. That’s why ensuring the mental wellbeing needs of your employees are met is vital for building a happy, motivated and high performing team. But despite a growing interest in this area, with more workplaces stepping up their efforts and providing resources and tools, employee health and wellbeing is still far from central to the way many organisations operate. 

In this Engagement Masterclass, our Business Development Manager, Andy Campbell, will show you the ways in which you can support your employees’ mental wellbeing through your benefits platform, using our advantage solution to demonstrate.

About Advantage and the zone

From shopping benefits and discounts to financial aid and wellbeing tools through our modular suite, the zone, our advantage solution hosts a range of valuable resources to support your employees financial and mental wellbeing, and is used by hundreds of businesses across the UK.

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With cost of living increases continuing to create financial challenges for people in the UK, now is the time for businesses to take action to provide valuable, long-term support to help their employees.

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