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Engagement Masterclass #6

How to deliver valuable rewards to your employees using advantage

Wednesday 25th August 10:30 – 11:00am

Masterclass host – James Hickling, Business Development Manager, peoplevalue

Regularly rewarding employees for their hard work plays a crucial role in building a highly engaged workforce and has been proven to boost employees’ morale, motivation, and sense of belonging. Individuals who feel appreciated for the work they do will be highly committed to organisational growth and success, and it’s therefore important that you understand how to deliver value to your employees via your benefits and discounts platform.

In this session, peoplevalue’s Business Development Manager, James Hickling, will explain how our Lifestyle Rewards tool makes it possible to deliver fantastic rewards to employees through our advantage benefits & discounts platform. James will provide a useful overview of what the tool is, how it works and demonstrate the process of redeeming a reward through advantage.

About advantage and Lifestyle Rewards

Hundreds of businesses across the UK use our advantage solution to deliver fantastic savings and discounts to their employees. As well as our unique Lifestyle Rewards tool, which allows you to say ‘thank you’ with a wide selection of digital vouchers, advantage hosts a range of other valuable benefits including thousands of shopping discounts, a fuel card, wellbeing services and more.


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