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Engagement Masterclass #7


Tuesday 28th September 10:30am

Masterclass Host – Matt Snare, Sales & Marketing Director, peoplevalue

A simple “thank you” whether in the form of a reward or personal note of recognition, shows employees that their efforts are valued and appreciated. That’s why reward & recognition programmes play such valuable role in driving employees’ motivation, performance and engagement throughout the year.

Join us on Tuesday 28th September at 10:30am where we’ll discuss the value of reward & recognition in more detail, highlighting its significance at the end of the year. Matt Snare, our Sales & Marketing Director will uncover the reasons why reward & recognition have such an impact on businesses and the different ways to deliver memorable rewards that truly drive engagement.

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Our Christmas reward solutions

We believe that businesses should always strive to deliver memorable rewards to their employees that truly cater to the individual, especially at the end of the year. By doing this, your employees will feel more valued, appreciated and, of course, be more likely to start the new year off on a positive, productive note.

We offer three Christmas reward solutions that give employees the opportunity to choose their own rewards.

Reward catalogue
Give your team the freedom to choose their own rewards through a smart points-based platform with an extensive catalogue of rewards available.

Code-based redemption service
Send a specific digital voucher to your team or let them choose their own using our simple code-based delivery service through advantage.

Bulk delivery service
Choose a digital voucher from our fantastic selection and we’ll deliver it to your employees in a branded, personalised email.


With cost of living increases continuing to create financial challenges for people in the UK, now is the time for businesses to take action to provide valuable, long-term support to help their employees.

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