Enhance your company culture in four steps

company culture

Enhance your company culture in four steps

‘Company culture’ is a phrase we often hear about employee engagement – but for a good reason. It’s more than just a buzzword – at its core, it refers to the values, behaviours and shares characteristics of a business and its people. A business’s culture influences its day-to-day social environment and work processes and, ultimately, underpins organisational success. When a business has a stable, connected culture, it will make them stand out to top talent in a competitive market. Employees will also likely feel happier, more productive and more aligned to common goals, leading to lower attrition rates and higher employee engagement. Enhancing company culture is, therefore, a priority for many businesses.

However, ensuring company culture remains intact in the virtual space can be challenging. With fewer individuals working face-to-face with their peers, it can be hard for businesses to know how to define and implement their desired company culture effectively. If you feel your company culture requires an upgrade, there are plenty of ways to enhance it to make it a standout feature of your employee value proposition. Let’s take a look at how:

1. Foster strong co-worker relationships

Workplace relationships are a crucial part of any company culture. There’s no denying that an individual’s relationships with the people they work with will greatly affect their overall experience with that company. In fact, according to the Wildgoose 2021 Post-Lockdown Friends & Happiness in the Workplace Survey, 22% of employees believe they’re equally or more productive when working alongside friends, with 21% saying it makes them more creative. Colleagues who value, trust and support one another will perform better together. They’ll feel more inspired, motivated and productive – and their company culture will be all the better.

However, it’s important to remember that these co-worker relationships won’t just build themselves. Planning regular opportunities for individuals and teams across your business to connect outside the walls of work is important in building a more cohesive and connected team. This could be through social events such as after-work drinks, team meals, company away-days and virtual meet-ups – or even simply through introducing social areas in your workspaces.

Encouraging team members to recognise their colleagues’ hard work and achievements through a peer-to-peer recognition scheme is another great way to foster co-worker relationships. Genuine, positive exchanges between team members will boost collaboration and camaraderie – two key elements of positive company culture. If you want to implement a peer-to-peer recognition tool, find out more about our reward and recognition solution.

2. Celebrate big and small wins

Employee recognition has the power to transform your company culture. When a business demonstrates that it truly values its employees’ hard work and achievements, those individuals will feel more supported, valued and motivated to repeat that desirable behaviour or action in the future. In order to really reap the benefits of workplace recognition, it’s important to not just reserve ‘thank yous’ for big milestones. Engrain recognition into your company culture by ensuring you show appreciation every day on both a big and small scale.

With the peer-to-peer recognition tool of our reward and recognition solution, it couldn’t be easier for individuals from across your business to celebrate one another in the moment, in a simple yet personal and memorable way. They can share simple thank you messages with their team via an interactive social wall, send personal video messages to the recipient privately, or gift a monetary reward for a particularly notable achievement. By building a workplace culture with gratitude at its core, your people will feel their most valued, fulfilled and motivated.

3. Communicate your business’ purpose with passion

In order to build a strong and engaged company culture, it’s vital that every team member understands and is committed to your business purpose, goals and values. While many employees might know what their business goals are, they may not understand how they’re relevant to them or how their day-to-day actions and behaviours directly impact them. Individuals who understand how their actions contribute to the bigger picture will not only feel a sense of shared ownership over their business but will be more motivated and fulfilled as individuals – and this will shine through in their work.

Communicate and frequently reinforce your business’ values, what it’s hoping to achieve, and how each individual plays a vital role in its success. Give your team members a clear direction, inspire them to exceed targets, and bring their best selves to work daily by communicating your business’ purpose regularly, consistently and most importantly, passionately. As frequently as possible, gather your teams for a company-wide session dedicated to discussing your business’ why.’ This will help to tie your mission and value to your company culture and ensure your team remains untied and connected to a common purpose.

4. Demonstrate that you care

Another thing to consider when looking at how your business can enhance its’ company culture is how this extends into your employee benefits offering. Offering relevant benefits to your employees will demonstrate that their best interests lie at the heart of your business. This could include physical and mental well-being tools, shopping discounts, flexible work policies and charity volunteering schemes. By incorporating everyday benefits into your company culture, you’ll significantly impact employee morale, motivation and loyalty – all of which will feed back into your company culture.

The relevance of your benefits is key. For example, with the current cost of living crisis, there’s never been a more poignant time for businesses to demonstrate that they care by helping to offset the rising costs of essentials such as food and fuel. Please find out how our shopping discounts solution can help you deliver valuable money-saving offers and other benefits to your people.

Final thoughts

In summary, there are a number of proactive ways you can enhance your company culture to ensure it’s a true representation of your organisation and a standout feature of your employee value proposition. Essentially, a strong culture is created when your employees understand the business’s goals and how they can help reach them, feel connected to their peers, feel valued by their managers, and feel frequently recognised and rewarded for their work day.

If you’re looking for an employee engagement solution that will help you to enhance your company culture and ensure your employees feel valued and appreciated every day, book a demo with a member of our team to find out how we could help you.

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