Five ways to help your team feel positive and motivated in the lead up to Christmas

Five ways to help your team feel positive and motivated in the lead up to Christmas

At home and at work, Christmas is going to feel very different this year. People that are working from home will miss out on the hustle and bustle of the workplace and getting into the festive spirit with their colleagues. Front line workers and others working on site will have to navigate through an especially busy period while keeping to the necessary restrictions. On top of that, Christmas parties are no longer possible, so we can’t enjoy the festive period and celebrate the end of the year in quite the same way as we have before.

While we’re all in different boats navigating the same storm, one thing is clear – it’s going to be an even bigger challenge for businesses to keep their employees positive and motivated this Christmas. December and the lead up to the festive period will be challenging and has the potential to be a very difficult experience for many people, putting a bigger strain on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

With that in mind, it’s extra important for businesses to take steps to help employees feel as positive and motivated as they can. Here are our top tips to give your employees a boost.

1. Check in with your employees regularly

While your employees might seem like they’re working well and feeling ok, that might not be the case. People tend to soldier on and put on a brave face, so it’s important to make time to check in with individuals properly to make sure they’re alright.
So, check in with your Managers and make sure your Managers are checking in with their team. You could also send out a company-wide check-in survey to further identify if anyone is having a hard time. Some people are comfortable opening up and others aren’t, so try and use different methods to check in on your people and encourage them to reach out if they need extra support or simply someone to talk to.
Whether an individual is struggling or not, making the effort to see how they’re doing will show them that your business cares. Having that reassurance of support will help them feel more positive going forwards.

2. Organise virtual activities

The usual festive social events that we know and love won’t be going ahead this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your team and have some fun! Organising some festive activities for your people to enjoy throughout the month of December will certainly help them stay positive and motivated. From Christmas quizzes to a Christmas jumper competition, there are plenty of creative things you can do that will bring your people together to celebrate the festive season.

If you’re worried about ‘Zoom fatigue’, in other words, your employees feeling fed up of video calls, then why not use your internal hub to host some activities? You could do a festive photo competition and encourage people to share pictures of their at-home Christmas décor, baked creations and more!

3. Say “thank you”

A meaningful message of thanks can go a long way at any point in the year, but as we come to the end of 2020, it will be even more significant to your employees who have worked so hard despite the challenges of the pandemic. So, tell your employees that you appreciate them! Explain why their efforts this year have made all the difference.

There are plenty of ways to say thank you too. Your CEO or Managing Director can deliver a personal message of thanks to everyone via a company-wide virtual event or you can send out personalised Christmas cards to everyone or deliver special rewards. A special message or token of gratitude, however you decide to do it, it will give your employees a well-needed boost and reassure them that their efforts are truly valued and appreciated.

4. Introduce a seasonal incentive

Seasonal incentives are a great way to boost motivation at crucial moments in the year where employees might need a bit of encouragement. The run up to Christmas is therefore the perfect time to introduce one. Whether it’s for hitting a target, living up to your company values or something else, you can administer your incentive through your reward and recognition programme on an individual or team basis inspire your people to stay on track throughout December.

To be effective, your incentive needs to be valuable. It could be a festive-themed prize like a hamper or perhaps something a bit more unique like an experience day. You could even give your employees the option to choose their own reward with a digital voucher or reward points for them to redeem on a bigger selection of rewards. Or in true Christmas style, keep it a surprise!

5. Deliver awards

End of year awards are a great way to celebrate your employees’ efforts because they shine a spotlight on individuals and teams that have really gone the extra mile. While you can’t have a glitzy affair this year, you can still host a special virtual award ceremony to applaud the fantastic efforts of people across your business. Seeing all the great work that’s been achieved in 2020 despite all the different challenges we’ve faced will certainly give your team a well-needed boost. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to come together, celebrate everyone’s efforts and look ahead to the future with a positive mindset.

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