Four reasons why an employee engagement hub is a great idea for your business

Four reasons why an employee engagement hub is a great idea for your business

As the name suggests, employee engagement hubs are platforms that help businesses drive employee engagement. But what does that actually mean?

A central space for all your employee engagement activities, initiatives and schemes, employee engagement hubs are designed to motivate, inspire and reward employees, all from one platform. While the content on the platform will vary depending on the business, hubs tend to host employee benefits, reward & recognition programmes, wellbeing support, HR information, news and events.

Bringing all of your schemes together into a hub means you can simplify your communications, enhance your employee experience, provide a space for your employees to connect and, crucially, drive employee engagement. If you’re wondering whether to opt for a hub approach, here are four reasons why they’re a great idea and can make a positive impact on your business and your people.

Valuable communications channel

Because employees have to log into a hub to access their benefits, rewards, wellbeing support and other valuable content, the platform is a valuable communications channel. Many of the businesses we work with use their hubs to deliver company news, events and key messages that they want their employees to know about. That means that when employees log in, they can easily keep up to date with important information and feel fully informed.

Hubs are a great place to communicate your business’ strategic narrative, in other words, your business’ story, mission and goals. You can integrate your company values into the platform and even include a specific area that highlights your business’ mission, goals and strategic plan. Being able to easily access this information via a hub is so valuable for your employees. Not only does it provide them with a clear understanding of what your business is trying to achieve, it helps reinforce their sense of purpose which is crucial for engagement.

Keeps your team connected

With so many people working from home now and businesses facing the challenge of engaging a dispersed workforce, it’s so important that employees feel connected and have a space where they can interact with their colleagues day-to-day. Employee engagement hubs play a critical role in enhancing connectivity and a sense of community because employees can log in and not only keep up to date with news and events, but they can also interact with their colleagues.

spaces has a social wall feature which is a real-time feed of recognition, company news, events and where employees can post their own photo updates. Employees can ‘like’, share and comment on posts and interact with colleagues as if it were their own social media platform. On top of that, every employee has their own profile which they can customise with their own photo and bio. These elements combined create an online community where everyone can connect and feel part of a special team.

Easy to access and simple to use

Let’s face it, when it comes to accessing any kind of information, resources and content, we all want convenience. That’s why one of the biggest advantages of having an employee engagement hub is the fact that it makes it quick, simple and easy for employees to access everything they need. The platform is a one-stop-shop for your benefits, rewards, recognition, wellbeing support, news, events and more. On top of that, if you choose a hub that’s optimised for any device, your employees can even log in when they’re on the go.

By centralising your schemes into one place, you’re simply making life easier for your business and your employees. One other benefit of having one platform for everything means that your employees only need to remember one log in too! So, there’s less of chance that employees will forget their log in details.

Enhance engagement with your schemes

To continue the above point, by making it easier for your employees to access your benefits, rewards, recognition and more, a hub helps drive usage and overall engagement with these schemes. Many businesses deliver fantastic employee benefits, wellbeing support and do a lot of great work to drive employee engagement. The challenge they face is actually getting employees on board with their offering in the first place. This is especially difficult if all of your schemes are located on different platforms and require different log ins. Having a hub therefore solves this problem because everything is in one, easy to access place. After time, your employees will even expect key information and resources to be available on the hub too so it’ll be part of their everyday routine to log in.

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