Get your employees moving this National Fitness Day

Get your employees moving this National Fitness Day

Wednesday 25th September is National Fitness Day – a great opportunity for you to highlight the benefits of exercise to your employees and support their physical wellbeing.

Coordinated by ukactive and supported by AXA, this annual event celebrates physical activity and aims to inspire the nation to move. Throughout the day, thousands of activities will take place across the UK from yoga classes to mass walks, all of which are organised to help raise awareness of the important role exercise plays in helping us all lead healthier lives.

Why is it important?


Other than the obvious health benefits, there are many other ways that exercise can have a positive impact on your employees (and you!). For starters, exercise releases endorphins which are chemicals that trigger positive feelings and relieve stress and pain. Research has shown that employees who start the day being active enjoy lower stress levels, are better decision makers, have more energy, and are happier.

So, by encouraging your employees to move a little more in their everyday lives, you’ll help give their physical and emotional wellbeing a boost.


For some of your employees, exercise might already form part of their daily routines and be something they enjoy on a regular basis. For others, exercise might seem daunting, inaccessible or boring, which is why campaigns like National Fitness Day are important. These, alongside a good employee wellbeing programme, help to break down barriers and show people that fitness can be fun for people of all ages, at all fitness levels.

What can you do?

To help your employees get active on National Fitness Day and beyond, there’s a number of things you can do.


Exercise first thing in the morning helps to wake up the brain and get people energised for the day ahead, so why not encourage your employees to get active before work?

A Cycle to Work scheme is a great way to enable your employees to integrate exercise into their daily routines. Alternatively, Incorpore, a leading fitness and wellness company, have come up with 11 exercises your employees can do at their office desks, which they can do at any point during the day to release some endorphins.


A lunch time activity provides a valuable mental break from work and great opportunity to get active, especially for employees that spend the majority of their working day sat down at a desk. Something as simple as a group walk to the local park will give your employees a bit of a boost.


Loads of activities have been organised in association with National Fitness Day that your employees can get involved in. From rowathons to live streamed yoga, there’s plenty to choose from. Visit their activity finder to see what’s near to your business:

Whatever you decide to do on National Fitness Day, it’s important to focus on the physical wellbeing of your employees all year round. If you want some tips on how to help your employees further, here’s three ways you can help your employees lead healthier lifestyles.

Are you getting involved?


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