How to deliver a consumer-grade shopping experience for your employee discounts

How to deliver a consumer-grade shopping experience for your employee discounts

Shopping discounts are a popular employee benefit, but, as with all benefits, their value is largely dependent on how engaged employees are. You might deliver fantastic discounts, but if your employees aren’t making the most of the savings available to them, you simply won’t get a good return on investment.

While the content of your employee discounts offering is of course important, the way you deliver these discounts is key. With it now being so easy for us to shop online, we expect to have a quick, simple and convenient online shopping experience whenever we visit retail websites. With that in mind, your discounts platform needs to reflect that same experience, otherwise you’re at risk of disengaging your employees.

But how do you create a consumer-grade shopping experience?

In essence, your platform needs to make it as easy as possible for your employees to shop and save. That way, you can be confident that your employees will continue to log in and make the most of the fantastic savings.

Here are some steps you can take to create a consumer-grade shopping experience for your employee discounts:

Simplify the layout and navigation

First and foremost, for your employees to be engaged with your discounts offering, your platform needs to be simple and easy to use. If, when first logging in, it’s not clear where things are or there’s a complicated journey to important pages, your employees are going to switch off and be less likely to log in again. So, to capture your employees’ attention and maintain their interest, the layout and navigation of your platform needs to be as simple as possible.

With our advantage platform, it’s quick and easy for employees to find relevant savings. All discounts and offers are sorted into shopping categories and employees can filter the category pages in various ways to drill into the content further and find a great offer fast.

Add personalisation features

What makes our online shopping experience so good these days, is the fact that it’s very personal. The content we see on retailer’s websites is more often than not tailored to our individual searches, previous purchases and other factors that we might not even consider when browsing the web. The personalised and intuitive nature of online shopping means it’s so easy for us to find and buy products that we love.

Adding personalisation features to your employee discounts offering will therefore make it quick, simple and easy for your team to find relevant savings. Through our advantage solution, users are prompted to select their shopping preferences when they first log in. The shopping categories they select then appear as tiles on rotation on their homepage, meaning they can access relevant offers quickly. On top of that, employees can add retailers to their favourites. So, for example, if someone regularly shops at ASOS, they can add them to their favourites so that when they log in all they need to do is go to their favourites to see the latest ASOS offers available.

Speed up the checkout process

When it comes to shopping online, speed and convenience is key. This also applies to the checkout process. We’ve all been there – when we’ve found something we want to buy online, got to the checkout and realised that we can’t remember our card details. While having to get our card and manually put in the numbers isn’t a long task, for many people on the go or short of time, it’s what stops them completing their purchase.

To make life easy for your employees when they use your shopping discounts platform, you can speed up the checkout process by making it possible for them to safely and securely save their payment details. Employees can do this through our advantage platform, which means that when they get to the checkout, they can simply select the right payment details from their saved list and process their order in seconds. This small but very effective feature optimises the final part of the user journey, making your whole discounts package more appealing to employees.

Provide choice

Part of creating an optimal shopping experience is offering choice. Your employee discounts platform needs to cater to a range of spending and shopping habits in order to appeal to your team. Some people prefer the convenience of shopping online, while others like the experience of shopping in-store. The way your employees choose to shop and therefore save will completely depend on their personal preferences as well as what they’re buying and when. It’s therefore crucial that you provide choice. That way, your discounts are more likely to match your employees’ interests and encourage them to regularly log in.

Through our advantage solution, employees can make savings using reloadable gift cards, digital vouchers, paper vouchers, online offers and online cashback. On top of that, we also offer a Local Discount card so employees can save money at over 4,500 small retailers and establishments across the UK. Providing these discount options means that employees have the freedom of choice when they log in. The way they save is completely up to them.

Our advantage benefits and discounts solution has been developed to make it easy for employees to make their money go further. If you’d like to see the platform up close, simply book a demo and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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