How to inspire line managers to champion your reward and recognition strategy

How to inspire line managers to champion your reward and recognition strategy

For your reward and recognition strategy to have an impact on your business, your employees need to be fully onboard and engaged with the performance or behaviour-related incentives it administers. Having scheme champions across your business who actively support your reward and recognition scheme is therefore essential. They are responsible for spreading trust in your scheme and encouraging employees to get involved. This human ‘word of mouth’ approach is highly effective.

Line managers play a fundamental role in employees’ commitment, motivation and engagement at work, and are ideal scheme champions because they can create that all-important personal link. But how do you inspire line managers to champion your reward and recognition strategy?

Technology can be used to capture line managers’ attention, highlight the true impact of your reward and recognition strategy, and give them the tools to communicate the value of your scheme to their teams.

Scheme insights

Most reward and recognition programmes are largely automated and data-driven, which means it’s easy to produce regular reports that provide scheme insight. Using this technology and the information it produces, you can give your line managers a clear indication of the impact and importance of your scheme.

Line managers should be shown the wider business benefits of the scheme to entice them to champion it. Regular reports that provide insight into how the scheme is performing and having an impact on different business metrics are a valuable use of technology.

Whether your reward and recognition programme focuses on behavioural incentives based on your company values, or performance incentives based on sales targets, if your line managers see how the scheme is having an effect, they will be more likely to advocate it.

Tailored content

You can also use your reward and recognition platform’s technology in a more strategic way to deliver tailored content.

More inventive and technologically advanced platforms can be configured to display specific content to different employees, based on their location, department, role and more. By utilising this innovative component of your platform, you can display content that will inspire your line managers to promote your scheme to their teams.

For instance, you could build a management area into the platform that is only visible to line managers. This could highlight data and information that is unique to their location, department and team, such as how many of their team members have registered, how many have logged in recently, as well as their activity on the platform. It can also be used to store helpful documents and resources, such as new starters information.

Social recognition and interaction

Many reward and recognition platforms have social recognition features that can be utilised by line managers to champion the scheme. When social recognition is made visible on a virtual social wall, for example, this gives line managers the opportunity to see the impact of the scheme across the business, as well as publicly show their support.

Not only is a social wall a great communication tool for employees, it’s also an effective social wellbeing support system because it enables employees to interact, build positive working relationships and appreciate their colleagues.

This technology can have a tremendous impact on your workplace community as well as the wellbeing of your employees. This aligns with line managers’ day-to-day role of ensuring their team is happy and feels valued. As a result, making sure that everyone in their team is aware of social recognition and regularly engages with the social wall should be a key task line managers will naturally want to action.

Automated notifications

By integrating your business structure and various lines of reporting into your reward and recognition scheme, you can configure the system to alert line managers every time their team members are recognised or rewarded on the reward and recognition platform.

This could be facilitated through in-app notifications that pop-up on the screen when they’re logged into the platform, SMS messages, emails – any channel that you feel is effective. By keeping your line managers constantly up to date on their teams’ performance, not only will they be more likely to log into the platform, they will be more likely to share information about it and praise their team for their good work both online and in person.

These automated notifications can be set up for every line manager in the business by default, so they’re always well-informed of their teams’ positive actions. They’ll also be more likely to notice when there is a drop-off in recognition, which will incite them to promote the programme further.

The integration of technology into the reward and recognition process has made it easier for reward directors to plan, deliver and measure success, while features such as tailored content, scheme insights, social recognition and automated notifications give line managers a strong rationale to champion the scheme.

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