How to integrate Employee Voice into your culture using reward and recognition

How to integrate Employee Voice into your culture using reward and recognition

If you want engaged employees, then one essential element to champion and nurture is Employee Voice. Engage for Success mark it as one of the four key enablers of employee engagement – a useful mechanism that allows employees’ views to be taken into account so they can be part of an ongoing conversation to drive the business forward. Employees that get the chance to have their say and their views listened to, will undoubtedly be more motivated, committed and engaged.

So, how do you integrate Employee Voice into business culture?

While our employee engagement solutions of course foster Employee Voice, we have also truly embedded it into our culture through our own reward and recognition scheme. Limelight, hosted on our ereward reward and recognition platform, has had involvement from everyone in our business from the very start. We’ve outlined the inception of Limelight in a different blog post, but not only were our values and the name ‘Limelight’ decided upon by our people, everyone in our business gets to use their voice through the social recognition function and our monthly Limelight awards.

Social recognition across the business

At the core of Limelight, is social recognition. Whenever anyone in the business witnesses a colleague demonstrating one of our values, they have the ability to recognise that individual through the ereward platform. They can select the employee they want to praise, choose the associated value and type a personal message of gratitude, all of which then gets shared on a social wall for everyone in the business to see. This is a fantastic way of nurturing Employee Voice because our people have the freedom to share their appreciation of colleagues with the whole company, at any time they choose. They are also free to like, comment and share other instances of recognition on the social wall.

These instances of social recognition then get collated every month for our Limelight awards where individuals can receive either a Gold, Silver or Bronze award. These awards are translated into a certain number of reward points which our people can then spend on products and experiences from our reward catalogue. But, our employees’ involvement doesn’t stop there.

Monthly awards, driven by our people

Rather than pulling names from a hat or circulating the social recognition data to senior management to select the winners, we nominate three employees at random to be the decision-makers every month. It doesn’t matter whether someone has been with us a week, month or year, or whether they work in Customer Services, Account Management or Operations, everyone has the chance to be involved at some stage.

By placing the responsibility into the hands of our people, not only is it fair practice, but it’s a way of empowering our employees and giving them a voice. A few weeks before the Limelight award ceremony, the three chosen individuals will come together, discuss the people that have been recognised in the previous month, and decide who gets an award. They also determine whether the winners receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze award, which establishes the amount of reward points delivered to each winner.

Sharing the Limelight

When it comes to giving out the awards, we literally give our people the limelight. The three decision-makers for the month get to present the awards to the winners in front of the whole business. By giving them this opportunity, our employees get full ownership of that month’s awards, can gain confidence and, importantly, get to use their voice.

The whole event is about bringing our people together. We all gather in one room at our Wheatley office (where there are doughnuts too), dial in our Pewsey team via video call and celebrate the great work going on at peoplevalue.

Hopefully our own way of embedding Employee Voice into our culture using reward and recognition has inspired you. If you’d like to find out more about our ereward solution, click here.


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