How to make recognition personal in a virtual world

How to make recognition personal in a virtual world

For recognition to have an impact on your employees, it’s so important that it’s delivered in a personal way. A simple “thank you” message delivered online, while nice to receive, isn’t always as significant and meaningful as when it’s said in person. This means that it won’t necessarily have the desired effect of boosting your employees’ confidence, driving their motivation and ultimately supporting their engagement with your business.

With many businesses continuing to operate with remote workforces, technology still plays a huge part in the employee experience which means it’s harder to make recognition personal and meaningful to individuals. The good news is that there are fantastic features and tools available that add a personal touch. Here are some great examples.

Add an extra level of personality with media recognition

A valuable tool that we’re sure to see rise in popularity over the next year, is media recognition. This is when employees use either an image, video or audio file to support their recognition. By doing this, it makes the thank you message far more personal, significant and valuable to the recipient, almost replicating an in-person experience.

For example, rather than just sending a message of thanks to a colleague using a peer-to-peer recognition tool, employees can record a video in advance in which they explain why they’re recognising their colleague, demonstrating just how appreciative they are. Employees can also attach an audio file/voice note to personally say thank you or an image that relates to the work being recognised or how they feel.

This feature is valuable because it adds another level of personality to online recognition. When the recipient sees that they’ve been recognised, they’ll get a true sense of just how appreciative their colleague is because the supporting media will showcase their colleague’s genuine emotions. Overall, this makes the recognition more meaningful and significant than the traditional text-based message.

With ereward, individuals can simply attach their media file when recognising their colleague through the platform. They select the colleague or group of colleagues they want to recognise, choose an appropriate value, type out a message to explain the reason behind the recognition and then add their video, image or audio file to further support it. The advantage of recognition being delivered through a platform like ereward is that the rest of your workforce can see the videos, images and audio files too. Other employees can ‘like’, comment on and share the recognition posts, making it even more significant and valuable to the individual.

Give colleagues the opportunity to share private recognition

Although it’s beneficial for other employees to see when their colleagues have been recognised, there’s something extra personal about receiving recognition in private. There may be occasions where an employee wants to formally thank a colleague for something without it being broadcasted to the whole business. In these instances, private recognition is valuable because an employee can add a more personal message that’s directed to the specific individual.

On top of that, because there’s the option for recognition to be shared on a one-to-one basis, it creates more opportunities for employees to be recognised. Whether it’s for a small act of kindness or a personal achievement, employees can recognise their colleagues without it needing to be shared with the whole business. By using a tool like ereward to do this, all instances of recognition whether private or not, are still reported on to reflect employee usage.

Let your employees choose their own rewards with a points-based system

Often, businesses opt for a ‘one size fits all’ approach for their reward & recognition activities for the sake of ease. But taking this prescriptive approach doesn’t take into account employees’ personal interests and motivators. If you send all your employees a £25 Argos voucher, you can’t guarantee that every individual will value it in the same way which means your reward and the recognition it signifies won’t have as much of an impact. Reward points are a useful way to combat this challenge because while on the surface you’re giving your employees the same thing, they can use their points in any way they like.

ereward is a points-based rewards solution. 1 point equates to 1p and employees simply redeem their points via an integrated catalogue containing over 25,000 products and experiences. From driving days and spa breaks to homeware items and gadgets, there are so many rewards to choose from to suit all interests. Employees can save their points and wait until they have enough to purchase a big-ticket item or use them straight away to treat themselves to something nice. The result of opting for this approach? More personal, memorable and meaningful rewards that will have a much bigger impact long-term.

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With our recognition tool for advantage, employees can share videos, images or audio files to their colleagues whenever they want to recognise them. This feature, as mentioned in this blog, adds that personal touch which is valuable in so many ways.

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