How we provide ongoing support to our clients

Client support

How we provide ongoing support to our clients

At peoplevalue, we understand that launching an employee engagement initiative – whether that’s a shopping discounts scheme, health and wellbeing support or a reward and recognition programme – isn’t a tickbox exercise. That’s why, when you partner with peoplevalue, not only are you equipped with our award-winning software solutions but also ongoing tailored support from our various different teams to help ensure scheme success.

From our dedicated Account Managers and problem-solving Customer Services department to our creative Communications team and mould-breaking Developers and Designers, our in-house support and expertise set us apart from others in the employee engagement space.

Our teams are committed to ensuring we’re constantly on top of our game, providing the best possible service and helping clients boost engagement and reach their business goals through their employee engagement schemes. Let’s find out more:

Account Management

Signing up with peoplevalue is simply the beginning of a client’s journey with us. When a member of our Business Development team onboards a new client, they are instantly assigned to one of our fantastic Account Managers who will be their main point of contact moving forward. The client – Account Manager relationship begins with a ‘kick off’ meeting and discovery period where the Account Manager will work with the client to discuss scheme visuals and branding and help them understand the goals they hope to achieve with their scheme.

Once these goals have been identified and the scheme has launched, the assigned Account Manager will continue to build a long-term strategic relationship with their client. This includes introducing regular touch points and meetings to ensure that the scheme is evolving as necessary to add value and have its desired impact. One of the ways they ensure our clients get the very best out of their service is by leveraging internal resources such as our Communications and Design teams to create relevant promotional collateral for clients including emails, posters and videos. They also share monthly MI reporting and insights which include metrics such as the number of users, number of logins, as well as spending and savings (where relevant) which help them to guide recommended actions to ensure KPIs are met.

The relationships formed between our Account Managers and our clients are of great importance to us and something we’re incredibly proud of. We want our clients to feel nurtured and fulfilled from the very start which comes from them having a hands-on contact within peoplevalue to support them and their scheme throughout their journey with us.

Customer Services

The focus of our in-house Customer Services Team is to look after the users of our client’s schemes and support them in engaging with, using and benefitting from their scheme. This includes making sure they are happy and confident in how to access and navigate the scheme, place an order, send a thank you or utilise a tool – depending on what kind of scheme they have. They’re incredibly well-versed in the various elements of our solutions so can work quickly and efficiently to support daily customer enquiries through a multi-channel approach – email, phone and live chat. 

Our Customer Services Team are an incredibly valuable addition to our clients’ peoplevalue package. The service they provide takes the pressure off the client’s People Engagement team to provide this support internally and is something we often receive incredibly positive feedback from our clients on. 


The messaging around an employee engagement initiative and how this is delivered to users is hugely influential in how they’ll engage with it. That’s why our Communications team create seasonal, informative and creative collateral for clients to use to demonstrate the value that can be obtained from their platform. 

The weeks leading up to the launch of a new employee engagement scheme is a really significant time to create a buzz and drive engagement through communications. Our Communications team provide a range of teaser and launch collateral as well as general promotional items as standard through the Comms Portal – an online hub accessible by the Admin user through the client’s scheme. This includes emails, intranet banners and posters, all of which are updated regularly in line with seasonal events and awareness days and that clients can use as and when they wish.

Ultimately, we offer a very flexible approach to our communications support to meet the requirements of our clients. Our Communications team work closely with Account Managers to ensure the messaging used and items created are appropriate, applicable and constantly adding value. 

Final thoughts

To summarise, from the moment a client launches its employee engagement scheme with us, we provide a number of key support channels to ensure it has its intended effect and is constantly being optimised. Our teams are all passionate about delivering the highest value of service to our clients and ensuring clients and users alike get the most out of their schemes. If you’d like to hear from some of the key players within peoplevalue who work hard to make sure we’re continually providing client support where it’s needed most, check out our on-demand webinar.

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