How we provide valuable communications support to our clients

How we provide valuable communications support to our clients

From a welcome letter and posters to seasonal savings content and how-to guides, our clients have access to valuable communications to support every stage of their scheme’s journey.

Whether a business is looking to deliver a reward and recognition platform, or a benefits portal where their people can access valuable shopping discounts, learning resources and wellbeing tools, at peoplevalue, we help over 450 businesses around the UK enhance their engagement offerings with our software solutions. From the moment a business launches its engagement scheme with us, we offer a personalised and tailored approach to the way we support them – from the scheme name and how it’s branded to the features on the platform and the promotional collateral they use to communicate the scheme to users.

We understand that communication plays a huge role in any business engagement strategy. After all, even the best employee benefits or rewards programmes won’t produce results if users aren’t effectively informed about the value it brings them and encouraged to engage. That’s why, when it comes to helping our clients communicate their programmes and the benefits and rewards on offer, we work closely with them to ensure they have access to a range of valuable resources.

Why is it important to effectively communicate an employee engagement strategy?

The format and delivery of any kind of business messaging will have varying levels of effectiveness on different groups of people. It can be particularly tricky when businesses are wanting to communicate their employee engagement offering to teams who are spread out across different workspaces and environments. For example, printed communications such as posters and leaflets that can be put up in communal areas work best for employees who are location-based, whereas emails and intranet messaging are effective for employees working remotely. It’s also worth thinking about whether employees have access to a laptop, their phone or even the internet, as all of these factors will affect the reach and engagement of the comms and the overall success of the scheme.

Understanding these challenges and altering your communications strategy accordingly – by segmenting individuals into different categories with different targeted approaches – is vital for ensuring employees feel kept in the loop. This is especially true when looking at the results from Davis & Company’s HR communication Research report, which showed that only 3 out of 20 employees feel informed enough to make decisions about their benefits. That’s where our support comes in.

pre-launch support and welcome content

The weeks and months leading up to the launch of a new employee engagement scheme, and the launch day itself, is a really significant time to drive engagement through communications. Teaser and welcome messaging will lay the groundwork and create a buzz about the new platform, as well as introduce the branding and visual attributes that users can then associate with the scheme moving forwards.

During this vital lead-up period, we support clients by giving their admin user access to the Comms Portal – an online hub that hosts a wide range of communications that clients have on-demand access to. In the Comms Portal, they’ll find a section dedicated to the teaser and launch day content, including a teaser email and a welcome email as well as posters to display around a communal workspace, intranet banners and TV displays.

This collateral looks unbranded as you browse through the portal, but all items have been cleverly designed so that each client’s specific branding is dynamically pulled through when they download it, providing them with bespoke, on-demand communications. The comms team at peoplevalue are regularly reviewing and updating the teaser and welcome content on The Comms Portal to ensure it’s as dynamic as possible and that it has a positive impact on scheme engagement.

We offer a very flexible approach to our comms support for our reward clients. Some clients prefer to launch their scheme differently and, in the past, we’ve worked with a number of businesses to create bespoke messaging to best support them. For example, one of our clients launched their reward & recognition platform in December, so we worked closely with them to figure out an effective and creative launch process, deciding on branded Christmas cards with a personalised message to be sent out to all users.

Ongoing Promotional content

As well as providing teaser and launch content and sending out regular promotional emails to users, we offer our clients ongoing additional support. Through the Comms Portal, clients have access to a wide range of promotional items including posters, emails, TV displays and guides. On top of that, we also provide bespoke support in the form of webinars and even videos to provide a more detailed overview of specific client schemes and features. Here are a few examples of how we do this:


At the core of our advantage solution is a fantastic range of shopping discounts, but on top of this, users have access to a number of extra tools including valuable wellbeing support, competitions, a Fuel Card, a Local Discounts Card, and our new mobile shopping discounts app, savingspace. In the Comms Portal, clients will find a selection of feature-specific emails and posters to help promote these tools to users.

Ways to save

With thousands of offers at popular retailers around the UK covering a huge range of shopping categories including fashion, DIY, eating out and electrical, clients can access a selection of intranet messaging covering various shopping categories and the top retailers users can make savings with. We’ve also created a selection of emails and intranet messaging covering the different ways to make savings, from cashback to reloadable gift cards.

How-to guides

The interactive Savings Calculator tool on advantage is a really valuable tool that allows users to find out just how much money you can save each month, based on their typical spending habits and the shopping discounts available on the scheme. We’ve created a how-to guide for this feature to ensure users are logging on and making the most of the benefits available to them.

Video guides

To aid navigation of the scheme and give users an overview of what they have access to, we create and deliver video guides and webinars with a number of clients at their request to help further promote the scheme internally.

Targeted messaging for non-registered users

Clients will also find a number of resources on The Comms Portal to help them encourage non-registered and non-active scheme users to engage with their platform. This is a great example of why a targeted comms approach is really important, as this is an identifiable group that require different communications and messaging to their engaged and active colleagues.

Seasonal communications

Alongside our usual promotional content, we offer a range of seasonal messaging to promote relevant retailers, savings and features. For example, in January, we focused on wellbeing – including discounted gym memberships and mental health support tools – and in Spring we’re focusing on getting outside – specifically retailers where you can save on home and DIY tools, family days out and more. We also provide communications for specific awareness days and events throughout the year such as World Health Day, which a client might like to draw attention to in their messaging.

Promotional emails

Our weekly promotional emails focus on relevant and seasonal events such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday and Half Terms to name a few. On top of that, we showcase new offers to ensure users don’t miss out on the great savings available. This email schedule is planned in advance for the year and hosted in the Comms Portal so clients can see what emails are going out and when. If they don’t want to receive a specific email, they can simply opt-out.

Final thoughts

Regardless of where a client is in their scheme journey, we’re dedicated to supporting them in promoting their platform and driving user engagement in new, dynamic and exciting ways. The aim of our Comms Portal is to create a quick and seamless way for them to access valuable branded resources, in a variety of formats, whenever they need them, but we’re always keen to support clients in any other way they need and think innovatively to assist them with their unique needs and requirements, to help with scheme success.

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