Introducing MyWorkPerks – our brand new employee benefits platform for small businesses

Introducing MyWorkPerks – our brand new employee benefits platform for small businesses

We are launching a completely new employee benefits platform, MyWorkPerks, designed to make large corporate employee benefits available for smaller businesses.

Employee benefits are an essential tool for employee engagement. However, the ability to successfully engage, motivate and inspire employees is often reserved for large corporations who have the budget and resources to deliver a range of valuable employee benefits.

Employee engagement is important for businesses of all sizes, which is why we have created MyWorkPerks.

Officially launching soon, MyWorkPerks is a new online platform where businesses can, in a matter of minutes, set up their own branded employee engagement platform and deliver a comprehensive range of benefits to their employees.

The solution gives employees access to wide range of benefits that support the three pillars of wellbeing: emotional, financial and physical. From discounted shopping at supermarkets and half price cinema tickets, to health cash plans and a 24-hour GP, the range of benefits is truly unique, comprehensive and allows smaller businesses to commit to the wellbeing of their employees.

Delivered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model and with three levels to choose from – Basic, Plus and Premium – smaller businesses now tailor their benefits offering to their budget and the needs of their employees. With no long-term contract and easy monthly payment terms, it’s now easy for smaller businesses to compete with larger corporations on the range of benefits they offer their employees.

To make things even more accessible, the Basic entry level solution is completely FREE. This means that any business can set up their branded benefits platform in a matter of minutes and give their employees something extra to enjoy.

“We have long recognised the needs of smaller businesses when it comes to employee engagement and many of the challenges are the same as larger corporations.” Andy Caldicott, Mananging Director of peoplevalue explains.

“MyWorkPerks is based on over 20-years of experience working in the field of employee engagement and provides, for the first time, smaller employers the ability to deliver first class benefits for their employees. We have also streamlined the process so that registration takes less than 30 seconds from start to finish. We are confident that MyWorkPerks will become an established employee benefit for all small businesses, especially because the Basic entry level is free of charge.”

Visit the MyWorksPerks website to find out more.

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