Key features that enhance the user experience of your employee benefits programme

Key features that enhance the user experience of your employee benefits programme

There’s no denying that employee benefits are a key piece in the employee engagement puzzle. A good employee benefits programme will support your employees and have a range of perks that make them feel valued and rewarded for being part of your team. With 75% of employees in one report saying that they’d be more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefits package, it’s clear that employee benefits can also influence loyalty too.

In our current climate, it’s never been more important to look after your employees and an employee benefits programme can help you do just that. While of course the content of your programme is important, one aspect that’s often overlooked is the delivery and experience. Ease of use is absolutely key and something we, at peoplevalue, pay particular attention to with our solutions.


Features that enhance the user-experience of your employee benefits programme

There are a number of different features that enhance the user-experience of your employee benefits programme which you should certainly look out for when choosing your next provider. It’s important to consider the ease, convenience and functionality of the complete user journey from registration and navigating the platform, to using specific features.

To provide an example, our benefits and discounts solution advantage has a range of intuitive features that together create a consumer-grade shopping experience for our users across the UK.


Automatic loading of reloadable gift cards

Employees can quickly and easily set up a direct debit for any of their reloadable gift cards. This means that their cards will be automatically loaded with a set amount of funds every month so they can continue to use them to pay for goods and receive cashback too.

This feature is especially beneficial for everyday spending. Most people shop at a supermarket regularly, don’t they? So, employees can set up a direct debit on an Asda reloadable gift card, for example, and earn cashback every month on what they’d usually spend.

Not only is this is a convenient feature because employees don’t have to continually top up their cards, it’s also beneficial for their financial wellbeing too because they can monitor and limit how much money they spend each month using their reloadable gift cards.


Express checkout

Employees can safely and securely save their payment, billing and delivery details to the platform so that they don’t need to enter their details at the checkout. If they’ve got more than one payment card for example, they can simply select the one they want to use and proceed through the checkout. This ‘express checkout’ feature emulates the shopping experience on Amazon and many other online retailers that make it as simple as possible to complete a transaction.


Sophisticated search functionality

When your employees log into their benefits platform, they want to find what they’re looking for or relevant content quickly with minimal effort. This is why our search feature on advantage has been optimised. Now operating using meta tags, employees can find retailers by simply typing out key words such as a product name, brand or category name. So, if an employee wants to buy a new TV, they can type ‘TV’ into the search bar and the platform will display a list of relevant retailers with offers available.


Personalisation features

One aspect that’ll contribute to your platform’s ease of use is personalisation. By giving your employees the ability to individualise their experience through various features and functions, they’ll get more value out of the platform.

For example, on advantage we have the ‘My Favourites’ feature. Employees can save any retailers from the platform to their favourites which means they can quickly access them and see their latest offers when they log in. This is great for people who tend to shop at the same supermarket or clothing stores, for instance.

On top of that, we also have flexible homepage panel technology. This essentially means that the homepage content on advantage can be tailored to users’ individual interests. All they need to do is select their shopping preferences when they register, and relevant shopping categories will feature on the homepage making it quick and easy for them to find offers that suit them.



Our advantage solution has a fully responsive interface on all devices, which instantly increases the chance of our clients getting good engagement with their schemes. Why? According to Statista, mobile devices generated just over 51% of global website traffic in the second quarter of 2020, so if your benefits platform isn’t mobile-friendly, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading?

For technology to be accessible in the modern world it needs to be optimised for all devices. Your employees should be able to log into your employee benefits platform and have a seamless experience on their phone, tablet or desktop computer.


Written by Matt Snare, Sales and Marketing Director at peoplevalue.

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