Make Black Friday even better with employee benefits

Make Black Friday even better with employee benefits

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is almost here and sale-loving shoppers up and down the country are waiting with bated breath to grab the best deals.

While the annual shopping event doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, many retailers have already launched their Black Friday offers and people are spending spend their salaries on gadgets, gifts and other discounted goods. Your inbox is probably flooded with promotional emails announcing, “TODAY’S BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!” with “UP TO 60% OFF EVERYTHING!” so you can “SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!” The Black Friday mania is inescapable.

‘Tis the season to shop, so why not give your employees an added bonus through your benefits scheme? Shopping discounts and cashback offers are fantastic employee benefits year-round but especially on Black Friday, because employees can save money on top of already good deals.

Shopping discounts

Many of your employees will be gearing up to spend money this Black Friday and over the festive period in general, which means they’ll certainly welcome the opportunity to save even more money and get extra value. That’s why shopping discounts are a no-brainer employee benefit. Not only are they relevant to employees throughout the year because they can save on their everyday shopping, but they’re even more appealing over key shopping seasons like Black Friday and Christmas. There’s no need to encourage your employees to spend, they’ll be ready to find a good deal and get even more money off through your benefits platform. Even better, you can expect overall engagement with your employee benefits platform to skyrocket if you offer shopping discounts – it’s a win-win situation!

Cashback offers

By also offering a wide range of cashback offers through your employee benefits scheme, you give employees the ability to accumulate a pot of money while buying the things they want and need. Over Black Friday especially, your employees can simply earn cashback on products they would have purchased anyway.

For example, let’s say an employee wants to buy a TV on Black Friday from a popular retailer like John Lewis. They can log into their benefits platform, find a cashback offer for John Lewis and earn money back when they buy the TV. Not only do they get the TV they want at a great price, they get money back which is then theirs to use on whatever they like. They can use it to buy Christmas presents, supplement the Christmas food shop or they can simply keep in their account to grow over time.

Shopping discounts and cashback offers really are the icing on the cake during the festive season and if they aren’t already part of your employee benefits scheme, they certainly should be.

With our benefits and discounts platform advantage, employees get a consumer-grade shopping experience which allows them to seamlessly search for great discounts and offers on products from their favourite retailers. They get the choice of paper vouchers, digital vouchers, reloadable gift cards, voucher codes and online cashback. With hundreds of retailers spanning high street fashion brands, big supermarkets, electrical stores and more, employees can make incredible savings throughout the year.

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