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Normalising mental health conversations in the workplace


It’s critical that businesses support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. Not only is it their duty of care, it’s key to driving employee engagement too. With over a third of employees reporting that the pandemic has been damaging to their mental wellbeing, peoplevalue’s first employee engagement webinar looks at the mental health stigma in the workplace. Panellists Andy Caldicott, Pip Rule and Paul McGregor discuss how businesses can normalise mental health conversations in the workplace. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The mental health stigma and how to tackle it
  • Your personal role in normalising mental health conversations
  • The importance of personal experience and encouraging mental health conversations
  • Dealing with the uncertainty of returning to work
  • Paul’s personal experience

Our guest host – Paul McGregor, mental health speaker, advocate, author and founder of Everymind

Paul is a mental health campaigner and author who shares his story in the hope of normalising mental health conversations. He shares his personal experience of mental health, alongside actionable advice to help you manage your mental health day to day. He’s been featured on Sky News, BBC, Huffington Post and has delivered presentations and workshops for organisations such as The FA, Lloyds TSB, Warner Brothers and more.

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