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Our partnerships

With over 1 million individuals across the UK with access to our benefits & discounts and reward & recognition platforms, it’s important that the retailer content on both platforms is relevant and compelling. To deliver value to our clients, discounts and cashback opportunities on the advantage platform should be significant and from brands that we all know and love so that employees can make savings on everyday as well as more luxury items. At the same time, our reward catalogue on ereward should feature products and experiences to suit all interests so that employees can spend their reward points on something that they actually want. This is why our retail partnerships are so important to us; they add value to our solutions.

We work with a whole host of fantastic businesses across the UK in a mutually beneficial partnership that ensures our solutions remain of the highest quality, and their brand and products are given enhanced exposure.

Our partners include:

There are a number of benefits to being one of our retailer partners:

Increased visibility

Because our platforms are accessible, user-friendly, and tailored to our clients’ needs, our retailer partners are highly visible to hundreds of thousands of employees across the UK. Unlike other online shopping platforms, our partners are hosted in a closed user group which means that their discounts and offers are visible only to our customers. In essence, through ereward and advantage, we’re putting potential customers at our partners’ doors.

On advantage, when employees want to do their shopping, go out for dinner or book a holiday, these retailers will be top of their list because not only do they provide compelling discounts and/or cashback opportunities, their brand is clearly displayed and easy to locate so employees don’t have to browse for very long to find what they’re looking for.

The same goes for ereward. When employees want to buy a product or experience using their reward points, they choose from a selection of over 25,000 items specifically provided by our partners. As employees can only use their points on our reward catalogue, it means that our partners can expect to gain more customers and therefore generate increased revenue by working with us.

Promotional opportunities

As well as being visible on our platforms, our retailer partners also have the ability to further enhance their exposure through our various promotional opportunities.

We deliver tailored communications to all users of our platforms (our clients’ employees) to give them the latest information on our discounts and cashback offers. Seasonal communications include relevant and engaging content that is matched to upcoming holidays and events in the calendar. These aren’t just emails either, we use a mix of communications channels which include posters, tent cards, banners and more to ensure our users are aware of what they have access to.

On top of this, retailers are also able to occupy more space on our advantage platform through graphics such as static and scrolling banners and having a presence on the homepage – the first page every user will see when they log in.

By including these extra perks in our partnership, our retailers can gain some truly valuable exposure and reach many more people in a far more targeted way. All of this helps to develop new routes to market as well as build sales and brand loyalty.

More customers and more sales

Whether our partners are big supermarkets, high street shops, or smaller, lesser-known online retailers, through the increased visibility and additional promotional opportunities we provide, they get direct exposure to a vast potential customer base. As a result, our partners truly benefit by working with us.

We’re always looking for new businesses to work with. If you’re interested or would like to find out more about being a peoplevalue partner, please get in touch with me.



Polly Cooper, Strategic Partnerships and Content Manager.

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