People Spotlight – Meet Customer Services Manager, Kerri Dukes

People Spotlight – Meet Customer Services Manager, Kerri Dukes

It’s all about the people. That’s our ethos. Why? Because the people that make up any company are important. They are the passion, creativity and driving force.

So, what about our people? To give you greater insight into who we are, we’re shifting the focus for a special blog series ‘People Spotlight’ that uncovers the names and faces behind peoplevalue.

Introducing Kerri Dukes, Customer Services Manager

Kerri is our Customer Services Manager. She works closely with the rest of the Customer Services, Account Management and Operations team to assist and offer support to our customers and ensure they are satisfied with our services.

Following a brief career in housekeeping, waitressing and bar management at a small village pub and qualifying as a PT, working with David Lloyd clubs, Kerri applied for her role at peoplevalue in June 2018. She has been a valuable part of our team ever since, progressing from Customer Services Advisor to Customer Service’s Manager in 2021, which she says is her most notable peoplevalue achievement.

When she’s not busy working, Kerri enjoys exercising, whether that’s going to the gym or enjoying a nice 26-mile walk outside. She also loves spending time with her family.

What does a typical day look like for you?

No working day is ever the same in CS Dept, our role is to ensure that we assist enquiries that come in via email or over the phone and this can vary each and every day.”

How do you like to start your working day?

I like to start my working day by waking my body up and mentally preparing myself with a good gym session followed by a nice warm shower and a coffee when I get to the office.”

How did you get into your current job role?

I started working at peoplevalue by applying as a Customer Service Advisor. During that time I worked alongside the Manager at the time to learn and widen my skills. Space for a Customer Service Manager soon opened up and I was given the opportunity to prove myself in that role.”

What is your favourite thing about working at peoplevalue?

My favourite thing about working at peoplevalue is the staff and the company itself. Everyone gets on with everyone and it is clear that the company value its staff.”

What one word would you use to describe peoplevalue’s culture?


What do you most enjoy about your job?

“I enjoy the staff around me at peoplevalue, from day one everyone has been friendly and welcoming. Although we are different teams within the business I feel connected to everyone in some way and feels like we are all one work family.

I also enjoy the interaction with our customers to assist them through anything they require support with to ensure that they are able to use our system and are satisfied with our services.”

What is your favourite quote?

T – Together

E – everyone

A – Achieves

M – More

What is your favourite memory from working at peoplevalue so far?

“My favourite memory of peoplevalue is the Christmas parties, they are always fun and different.”

Are there any projects you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of?

“There are no historic projects that I have worked on yet but we’re in the process of setting up Zendesk which I am excited to complete.”

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