peoplevalue launch Comms Portal for employee benefits & discounts solution

peoplevalue launch Comms Portal for employee benefits & discounts solution

Key to delivering a successful employee benefits programme, is ensuring that your employees are regularly logging in and making the most of the benefits that are available to them.

Communications play a critical role in driving usage across your business and therefore contribute a great deal to the overall success of your employee benefits programme.

With all of our solutions, we provide valuable communications support, but we’re always striving to improve the way we do things and add further value to our clients by optimising our technology. As a result, we’ve launched a Comms Portal for our advantage benefits & discounts solution that hosts a fantastic range of engaging communications.

What is it?

The Comms Portal is an area on our advantage solution, accessible only to admin account users, that hosts a variety of valuable communications. We created the portal to give our clients the ability to freely access communications to help them raise awareness of their scheme and promote the many fantastic benefits and features available.

From a welcome email template to TV displays, posters and intranet banners, our clients have access to a range of communications that support every stage of their journey – pre-launch, launch day and post-launch.

Using our intuitive technology, the Comms Portal dynamically pulls in each client’s specific scheme logo, colour scheme and URL which means that every communication that is visible to a client is branded to their scheme. So, they can simply download an item and start using it to promote their scheme.

How does it work?

Users simply log into their advantage scheme using their admin account details and the Comms Portal will be available in the Admin area of the platform.

In the Comms Portal, all the items are sorted into specific categories so it’s easy for users to find items to suit their needs. There’s items for before a scheme has launched, for launch day as well as a whole host of different items to use to promote a scheme on an ongoing basis. Each item is clearly labelled to specify the file type, whether it’s a seasonal communication, when it was uploaded and more.

To use a communication, users simply have to press ‘Download’ and they can save the file to their device. It’s at this point that their scheme branding and URL are pulled into the item. If a user wants to make any changes or has a bespoke communications request, they can simply get in touch with their Account Manager and they’ll be able to support.

Now that the Portal has launched, we’re excited to continue populating it with valuable communications to promote the fantastic discounts available on advantage, as well as the other great features and benefits.

Find out more about our new Communications Portal here.

Find out more about our advantage solution here.

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