peoplevalue launch new interactive savings calculator for employee discounts platform

peoplevalue launch new interactive savings calculator for employee discounts platform

With any employee benefits programme, engagement is essential. If your employees aren’t utilising their benefits and making the most of what your business is offering them, they’re simply not getting value.

Through our benefits & discounts solution advantage, we deliver thousands of valuable shopping discounts and cashback offers to employees and members on behalf of businesses across the UK. One of the key challenges that’s critical to scheme success is ensuring that users engage with the platform and make the most of the valuable savings available to them.

Alongside supporting with a range of communications, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to encourage users to log in and use the many great discounts and offers we deliver through advantage.  Part of tackling this challenge is showing users just how much they could save using the platform. When users have a potential savings value in front of them, they have a tangible reason to keep logging in and making the most of the fantastic discounts. This is why we embarked on a project to create an interactive savings calculator.

Now launched across all advantage schemes, employees can use the handy tool to find out how much money they can save every month and year, based on their shopping habits.

​​​​How it works

The calculator has sliders for a range of shopping categories, which individuals use to choose a value that best reflects their monthly spending.

If you spend around £400 a month on food & groceries, for example, you just need to move the slider for the food & groceries category until it reaches £400.

Your total monthly spend value will automatically update and your monthly and yearly savings value will change to reflect the discounts available on the platform.

Once users have completed this process for all the relevant shopping categories, they will be able to see just how much money they could save using the platform. This a great incentive for employees to make the most of the savings available. They can also keep a note of their monthly and yearly savings value and use it as a target to see if they have saved that much at the end of the year.

It’s even easy to find great offers using the tool. For each category, users can click ‘View offers’ to see a selection of relevant savings for top brands. This helps individuals quickly identify where they can make their money go further without having to navigate the platform. If they want to see more offers, they simply click ‘View all offers’ and they’ll be taken to the category page where they can see a full list of retailer discounts.

We’re really excited about this new feature and many of our clients and their employees are already enjoying using it.

Find out more about advantage here.

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