peoplevalue launch the BP Plus Fuel Card

peoplevalue launch the BP Plus Fuel Card

peoplevalue is delighted to announce the launch of the BP Plus Fuel Card. A brand new feature on our advantage benefits and discounts platform, the BP Plus Fuel Card allows users to make incredible savings of up to 20 pence per litre at over 1,200 BP fuel stations across the UK.

Did you know? Over 16 million people commute to work by car in the UK.*

Whether it’s to commute to work or for personal use, millions of employees drive cars every day. They therefore spend a significant proportion of their salaries on fuel. Taking this into account, we wanted to deliver a valuable benefit to our clients that would have a meaningful impact on the lives of their employees – a tool that would help make their salaries go further by saving them money every week.

The BP Plus Fuel Card guarantees low prices by giving employees access to the wholesale price for unleaded and diesel fuel at all BP service stations across the UK. This means that when users pay for fuel using the BP Plus Fuel Card, they are charged a weekly fixed rate, rather than the price per litre displayed at the fuel station. So, whenever your employees need to fill up their vehicles, they can be certain that they’ll save money if they have a BP Plus Fuel Card. With fuel prices consistently rising, this is a fantastic benefit to offer employees that will allow them to make savings every week.

Significantly, BP operate one of the largest networks of service stations across the UK. As a result, 90% of the population live within a five-mile radius of a BP service station, so fuel card users don’t have to travel far to make valuable savings on fuel. On top of this, BP are the largest operator of UK motorway service stations, where BP Plus Fuel Card users can save up to 20 pence per litre when they fill up. These regular savings will accumulate over time, meaning that employees have more money to spend on other, more valuable products and experiences.

To start saving using the BP Plus Fuel Card, the process is simple, efficient and fuss-free for both businesses and employees. All employees need to do is order the card via our advantage platform and complete a simple online application process to set up a direct debit. Once their card has arrived, users can start using it at BP fuel stations just like a credit or debit card and start benefitting from fantastic savings. Our advantage platform even has a network location feature which allows employees to find their nearest BP station with ease.

As a business, you don’t need to deal with administrative tasks; we set up and run the entire process for you. Every week, we send users an email stating the fixed price for unleaded and diesel fuel for the rest of the week. This fixed price is what BP Plus Fuel Card users will pay at all BP service stations, regardless of the advertised price. After that, payment is automatically taken from users via direct debit and they also receive an email statement of the fuel purchased for the previous week.

We’re excited to be launching this fantastic new feature to our clients and, being users of the card ourselves, know that it enables employees to make valuable savings every week.

Do you want to give your employees something extra?

Find out more about our BP Plus Fuel Card – call our sales team on 01865 876696 or email us at [email protected].





* The RAC Foundation

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