PeopleValue’s reward schemes make NSK UK the perfect partner for dentists and dealers alike.

NSK UK’s new PeopleValue-powered reward schemes provide a total solution for both their customers and dealer networks.

NSK UK is the UK branch of NSK, a leading manufacturer of cutting edge dental technology founded in Japan. NSK UK were looking for an innovative way to reward their UK based customers and dealer networks. Working closely with PeopleValue, they launched NSK Advantage and NSK Xtra, making them the perfect partner for dentists and dealers alike NSK Advantage is a fantastic lifestyle benefit system developed to give NSK UK’s customers savings of between 5 and 40% on major brands and products.

NSK UK rewards their customers with 3 month’s access to NSK Advantage each time they purchase NSK products to a set value. By granting access to NSK Advantage, NSK UK reward their customers with a way to save over £800 a year, combating the “credit crunch” and promoting customer loyalty. Customers can even calculate their projected savings using an interactive savings calculator.

NSK Xtra is dealer incentive scheme that converts dealers’ sales into NSK Xtra points that can be redeemed against an amazing range of over 5,000 reward items. With something for everyone on the online reward catalogue, NSK Xtra allows NSK UK’s dealer network to reap tangible rewards for promoting the NSK brand. Both solutions are fully customised with NSK logos and colours to reinforce the NSK brand and maximise the positive impact on customer and dealer loyalty.

“We are delighted with the innovative way NSK UK are using our solutions. With NSK Advantage, NSK UK are really giving their customers something extra on top of the fantastic range of products they provide, while NSK Xtra is a very effective dealer incentive scheme where dealers are rewarded for promoting NSK,” observed Mike Morgan, CEO, PeopleValue.

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