Why it’s important to ‘share the love’ at work

Why it’s important to ‘share the love’ at work

While it’s unlikely that your employees are going to feel 100% engaged with their work all of the time, the day-to-day environment and atmosphere they’re working in will make a huge difference to their overall engagement, satisfaction and happiness within their role. We all have times when we struggle to find motivation – for instance when work is more stressful than usual or we simply just don’t feel our best. With many employees across the UK now working fully remotely or hybrid, it can be harder to detect when your team need that extra boost. That’s why it’s so important to tackle feelings of disengagement and low morale consistently and head-on, by ensuring you create a positive space for your team – one that supports them, helps them thrive and ensures those ‘down times’ are few and far between.

Being part of a culture that consistently celebrates employees makes all the difference. It feels great to get a “thank you” from a colleague, and it’s equally as uplifting and rewarding to show your appreciation of others too. Making recognition a key part of your business’ culture and your employees’ daily routines is therefore crucial. It’ll transform the way your employees feel about themselves, their colleagues and their work.

‘Sharing the love’, whether it’s small tokens of appreciation or grand gestures of gratitude that are amplified across your business, is important for your employees and your business. Here’s why:

Recognition spreads positivity

When faced with a mountain of tasks and impending deadlines, it’s easy for employees to react negatively and head down a path of disengagement – but this doesn’t have to be the case. Having a strong culture of recognition within your businesses will help to ensure employees remain positive, upbeat and engaged.

Recognition is a positive act so, put simply, the more it happens, the more positively it will affect your working environment and the people in it. Employees that consistently receive praise for their hard work from others and are given the opportunity to show their gratitude towards colleagues will naturally feel more positive and aligned with their work, their colleagues and the wider business. It’s uplifting to see other people get recognised for doing a good job, and it’s even more special to get personally recognised publicly too. That’s why capturing all of this positivity in one, easy-to-access space – like a recognition platform – is so powerful. 

Recognition boosts confidence

Many employees tend to think that their efforts and small achievements go unnoticed by those around them, so being recognised on a regular basis will demonstrate to them just how valued they are. Frequent thanks will also give your team members a confidence boost because it confirms that their day-to-day actions, no matter how big or small, are making a positive difference to the business. This can boost their overall job satisfaction and completely transform their outlook on their work.

Receiving a message of thanks or getting a “well done” from a colleague makes us feel good, doesn’t it? But on a deeper level, the fact that someone has gone out of their way to show their appreciation of you really drives home the message that you’re a valued member of the team and boosts our long-term sense of belonging. When you really think about the ripple effect that can be caused by integrating frequent recognition into your business, suddenly a simple “thank you” has a lot of power behind it.

Recognition builds good relationships

Employees who regularly recognise each other’s achievements are also more likely to build positive relationships with their colleagues. Let’s face it, working alongside people that you genuinely like, value and respect makes a huge difference to your social wellbeing and engagement. Not only does recognition foster community, collaboration and camaraderie and make work a nicer place to be, but it also makes business success more attainable because everyone is working towards the same goals in harmony.

As cliché as it sounds, teamwork really does make the dream work, and recognition has a large part to play in strengthening your team. Peer-to-peer recognition, when facilitated and promoted through a public platform, can help break down communication barriers, strengthen inter-departmental bonds and encourage employees to say “thank you” whenever they see fit.

Recognition drives motivation

A recognition-rich environment will fuel employee motivation because not only are they spurred on in the moment by the recognition they’ve received, but they’re also driven long-term knowing that they could receive further praise at any time. Put simply, when employees know their efforts are valued and appreciated and they have a better understanding of what exactly they need to do to help drive the business in the right direction, they’ll be more inclined to go above and beyond.

Employees will also be motivated by the previous times they’ve been recognised too. When we’re thanked by a colleague or made to feel appreciated at work it’s memorable, isn’t it? It’s a special moment that reminds us why we do what we do. Capturing the magic of this in a recognition scheme is a great way of driving further motivation.

The key message here is that showing appreciation at work is important. A quick “thank you” might seem insignificant to some, but when reverberated consistently through your business, it can spread positivity, boost confidence, drive motivation and build relationships between colleagues and teams. A working environment where everyone appreciates each other is special and very valuable. It’s in this kind of environment that you’ll see strong teams thrive, creativity flourish and employee engagement grow.

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