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How to approach employee wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond

Thursday 27th August 2020

The pandemic has highlighted just how important it is for businesses to support their employees’ wellbeing. Whether working from home or being placed on furlough, employees have had to adapt during the pandemic and have been faced with a number of new challenges to their wellbeing. It’s therefore been crucial for businesses to adapt their approach.

In peoplevalue’s third webinar of their employee engagement series, Pip Rule and Andy Campbell are joined by Jo Boyd, Head of Wellbeing at Marshall Centre, and Nicole Wescott, Head of HR at Severn Trent. Jo focuses on the importance of adopting a holistic approach to employee wellbeing, bringing in eye-opening activities and statistics to support this. Nicole provides a useful insight into the various steps Severn Trent has taken over the past five months to further support the wellbeing of their employees, customers and the community.

On the panel: Jo Boyd – Head of Wellbeing, Marshall Centre

About Jo:

Jo Boyd works at Marshall Centre as their Head of Wellbeing, her role is to support the Marshall Group of companies with their Wellbeing approach, as well as supporting other organisations with their Wellbeing agenda. Jo’s mission is to support organisations in becoming better places to work and able to access their employee’s full potential, enabling both personal and business growth.

Jo has developed and supported an effective team of Wellbeing Champions within the Marshall Group and increased use of EAP by 161%. This group has been a very useful touchpoint and source of data through the pandemic. Jo has also recently launched a new health app into the Marshall Group in partnership with Vitality @ Work to support employees with both their mental and physical health. Outside of work, Jo is continuously learning and studies social sciences with the Open University. This enables her to keep up with developments in social and mental wellbeing which she holds a particular interest in.

On the panel: Nicole Westcott – Head of HR, Severn Trent Water

About Nic:

Nic is a Strategic HR Leader within the FTSE100 with a strong track record in Executive remuneration, organisational, leadership and cultural development. She has a reputation for delivery and creativity in problem solving, coupled with some fantastic accolades from Executives, Frontline employees and Trade Unions. Her reputation has been achieved by operating with a critical and healthy balance of understanding people, societal impact, commercial and performance delivery.

Nic is instrumental in facilitating and influencing company strategies for the experience employees have in the workplace and their motivators, as well as taking the time to invest in strengthening skills in executive coaching and behavioural science through academic study, recently achieving a Master of Science in Coaching and Behavioural Change.

Nic is hugely curious about individual behaviours and motivations for continuous and sustainable growth, especially when navigating environments that need to evolve at pace and adapt to new challenges.  

She is also a chartered fellow of the CIPD with a wealth of experience across all professional areas of HR, this is underpinned by early career opportunities in operational large-scale field-based leadership, leading contact centres and shaping the transformation of service delivery.


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