What is a peer-to-peer recognition programme?

What is a peer-to-peer recognition programme?

Peer-to-peer recognition is an inclusive and powerful tool that, when used effectively, connects employees, encourages positive behaviour, strengthens company culture and, ultimately, drives employee engagement.

What is it?

To describe it very simply, peer-to-peer recognition is when colleagues express their gratitude of each other. Whether it’s for going the extra mile, helping a colleague, hitting a target or something else, employees simply saying “thank you” and “well done” to each other is peer-to-peer recognition.

Some businesses simply encourage their team to give each other kudos while others opt for a more formal approach by introducing a peer-to-peer recognition programme to really create a culture of appreciation. Peer-to-peer recognition programmes give employees a platform through which they can publicly share their positive feedback and gratitude with each other.

How do they work?

Peer-to-peer recognition programmes will vary depending on the tool and provider a business uses. While the way in which employees send and receive recognition will differ, employees will usually have access to a platform through which they can nominate the colleague they want to recognise and send a personal “thank you” message which is then delivered to the recipient.

Through our ereward platform, not only do employees receive an email notification when they’ve been recognised, but their Line Manager will get an alert too. We take into account the unique hierarchy and structure of a business so that Line Managers are always made aware when their team members are recognised. Sometimes a recognition might deserve further commendation, in which case, Managers can then use the self-service award feature to give their team member reward points.

On top of that, all instances of recognition are shared on a social wall. This means that everyone in the business can see who has received kudos and the many different achievements and activities going on in the business. Employees can also interact with recognition posts by ‘liking’, sharing and commenting on them to show further appreciation of the individual that’s been recognised.

Incorporating company values

One of the great things about peer-to-peer recognition programmes is that they can be tailored to a business’ culture, community and ethos. Successful peer-to-peer recognition programmes tend to be built around a business’ company values because not only does every “thank you” then reinforce these associated desired behaviours, but employees also have a clear system to use when they’re recognising colleagues.

Using ereward, businesses can integrate their company values into their programme so that employees must select an appropriate value when recognising a colleague – one that best reflects the behaviour they’re recognising. This then means that employees are regularly aware of what kind of behaviour is praised and also what to look out for in others.

Why are peer-to-peer recognition programmes important?

Peer-to-peer recognition programmes are inclusive because there is no approval process for recognition. Every employee has the same opportunity to send a “thank you” message to a colleague whenever they feel it’s necessary. Because of this, peer-to-peer recognition programmes play a critical role in creating a culture of appreciation. When used regularly by employees, they help make saying “thank you” a key part of everyday life at work which can have a really positive effect on work relationships, individuals’ motivation levels and their social wellbeing.

In fact, a survey from SHRM and Globoforce found that 86% of values-based recognition programmes contribute to an increase in employee happiness. On top of that, 90% of companies said that their recognition programmes have had a positive impact on employee engagement.

So, not only will peer-to-peer recognition benefit your people, it’ll benefit your business too!

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