When, why and how? Employee Appreciation Day

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When, why and how? Employee Appreciation Day

Friday 1st March is Employee Appreciation Day. A day where, you guessed it, companies across the globe are encouraged to show their workforce that they’re valued. Created back in 1995, the “unofficial holiday” marks a day where companies make the effort to do something special for their employees, whether it’s hosting a fun event, delivering gifts company-wide, or simply saying “thank you”.

Recognising your employees for hard work and successes is extremely important (check out our previous blog to find out more). That’s why Employee Appreciation Day should become a staple event in your company’s calendar.

If you take into account the research around employee engagement, specifically the four enablers of engagement, it actually makes sense to appreciate your employees year-round, but we’ll explain this in more detail later.

Let us tell you why we think your company should get involved with Employee Appreciation Day.

Why celebrate?

They may be doing what they’re paid to do, but your employees should feel like they are a valuable asset to your company. Taking the time to show your appreciation has a lasting impact.

You want your employees to feel good about work, so make them feel good by showing your appreciation. Here’s some tips and tricks from us…

How to celebrate…

There are loads of ways you can show your employees that they matter on Employee Appreciation Day, and every day in fact.

Give them a token of appreciation. A gift of some kind is a physical reminder that your employees are valued. But try to make sure that any gift you give has a personal touch, so it has more meaning. It could be their favourite bottle of wine, a personalised mug, or a voucher for their favourite restaurant. Whilst it’s not always practical or possible, aim to put that extra bit of effort in to show that you appreciate your employees as individuals. If you can’t personalise the gift, ask managers to present it to members of their team. It really is the thought that counts here.

You could also hold an informal social event. Either at lunchtime or after hours, get your employees together, provide some refreshments, and give everyone a chance to reflect on their good work. Again, it’s the thoughtful acts that really make a difference and show your employees they are appreciated.

Why stop there? You don’t need to limit these acts of recognition to one day of the year. Celebrate your employees as much as you can!

Every day is Employee Appreciation Day!

What do we do at peoplevalue? Well, for Employee Appreciation Day we’ve got a special surprise in store for our brilliant people… check back with us on the 1st to see what we get up to. But, more importantly, we have a strong culture of recognition and appreciation year-round.

Through ‘Limelight’, our own internal reward scheme, we can send e-thank yous to each other at any given time. These instant acts of recognition feature on our social wall, meaning that appreciation is always visible, tangible and encouraged. Colleagues can share, like and comment against instances of recognition, to further enhance visibility around the business. Every month, these peer-to-peer e-thank yous are collated, reviewed by an employee panel and we hand out ‘Limelight Awards’ – reward points for the most deserving employees. These points can be redeemed against whatever employees want from our extensive reward catalogue.

So, whilst Employee Appreciation Day is a great event to embrace, we feel it’s important to remember that instilling a genuine culture of everyday recognition into your company is far more powerful.

What are you doing to celebrate your employees this year?

Find out how you can deliver a successful reward and recognition scheme year-round. Discover our ereward solution.

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