Why communicating your business’ ‘why’ is key to employee engagement

Why communicating your business’ ‘why’ is key to employee engagement

Understanding your business’ purpose and mission is key to creating engaged employees and a unified workforce. Individuals who understand how their actions contribute to the bigger picture will not only feel a sense of shared ownership over their business but be more fulfilled as individuals. Having this purpose will motivate your employees to perform to their highest standards and be invested and take pride in the success of the business.

In fact, according to research from Engage for success, 68% of employees rated a strong sense of pride and purpose as one of the top three factors which they deem to be most important in maintaining their motivation and commitment. Engage for Success also places a compelling and authentic strategic narrative as one of the four enablers of employee engagement and employee performance. 

For businesses to be successful and have a highly engaged workforce, employees need to be aligned to their culture, values and mission. Because of this, it’s important to communicate and frequently reinforce what your business’ values are, what it’s hoping to achieve, and how each individual plays a vital role in its success. 

Here are a few reasons why strengthening the conversation around your businesses ‘why’ is key to employee engagement, and how you can use communication channels such as an employee recognition platform to reinforce your values.


Working towards a common goal is a key driver of employee social wellbeing. Frequently communicating your business’s ‘why’ will encourage cooperation and give your team members something to work towards together. This will ultimately boost morale, foster relationships between colleagues and create a positive work culture. This collaborative nature of work will also nurture communication and boost productivity and efficiency, as colleagues will bounce ideas off each other to reach the desired end result. 

A study from Stanford shows that when people are treated as partners working together with others, their motivation increases and it can spur them to take on challenges. So, by communicating your business’s purpose, not only will employees benefit from this sense of shared ownership and teamwork, but your business will flourish too as a result of greater collaboration.


It’s really important for both your business’ employee experience and customer experience that you, as a business, voice exactly what you hope to achieve, and act on it. A shared goal is important for consistency when dealing with customers and clients and to ensure all customers, especially repeat buyers and long-term clients, receive the same high quality customer service each time they interact with an employee from your business. According to research from Deloitte, authenticity, transparency and consistency build trust. On top of that, organisations with high levels of trust were found to be 2.5 times more likely to function as a high-performance organisation with revenue growth than a lower performance organisation.

Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are mutually reinforcing. By having clear goals, delivering the best standard of work and receiving praise and positive feedback from colleagues and clients, the more employees will feel recognised for their efforts and more motivated to continue. There are various ways to amplify recognition throughout your business to reinforce your values and acknowledge your employees’ hard work.  By using a reward and recognition platform such as our ereward solution, you can recognise your employees for honouring one of your business-specific values both privately and publicly on a social wall for colleagues to see.


Employees who don’t feel motivated at work and struggle to see how their role plays a part in the bigger picture are more likely to take unauthorised long-term absence, inappropriately use sick pay schemes, and even look elsewhere for something more fulfilling. Whereas employees who feel purposeful and motivated at work will be more content with their jobs and committed to your organisation. 

Research shows that mission-driven workers are 54 percent more likely to stay for five years at a company and 30 percent more likely to grow into high performers than those who arrive at work with only their paycheck as the motivator. Whilst research from Engage for success also demonstrates that employees are less likely to take time off sick when they have clarity of the ‘why’.

Being able to rely on your team is vital to you as an employer, as high levels of absence and turnover will result in significant costs to your business and could even negatively impact your culture and the engagement of other employees. To avoid this, it all starts with how you motivate your team by reinforcing your business’ mission, values and purpose so your employees understand their role in the journey.


Ultimately, a large part of the success of your business lies in the hands of your employees. It’s up to you as an employer to ensure your workforce are passionate, motivated and engaged with a clear purpose, so that they can amplify this throughout the work they do and take pride in their contribution to your business. 

According to research from Gallup, highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, so there’s a clear correlation between employee engagement and business performance. By taking steps to reinforce your business purpose and ensure your employees’ understand the impact their work has, you’ll also improve your business’ performance as well as drive employee engagement. Having valuable tools such as an employee recognition platform to reinforce your business’ values and inspire your team are therefore key.


Communicating your business’ mission and values should be a top priority, as well as recognising and celebrating the employees who demonstrate them in their work. Reward and recognition platforms play a valuable role in reinforcing your business’ values and showing your employees that their individual actions are valuable and contribute to the success of your business. By doing this, you’ll not only build a more engaged team, but improve a variety of different aspects of your business

ereward, our flexible, tailored reward and recognition solution provides an ideal way to communicate your business’s purpose, values and encourage employees to echo through their behaviour. Designed to be shaped around your business’ exact needs, ereward can be tailored to perfectly align with your company’s values and mission. Via our social wall feature, every employee has the ability to recognise their colleagues for demonstrating your company values via a simple ‘thank you’ service. Using the points-based system and reward catalogue of over 25,000 products and experiences, your business can further reinforce positive behaviour, demonstrate the value of your employees’ actions and drive motivation across your workforce. 

Head to our resources page to view the ereward brochure and discover the full range of tools and services available.


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