Why learning and development is a key driver of employee engagement

Why learning and development is a key driver of employee engagement

Learning and development (L&D) is a key driver of employee engagement. In fact, a study by Udemy found that 80% of employees said that learning and development opportunities would help them feel more engaged at work.

By giving your employees access to courses and tools that help them refine their skills and enhance their knowledge, you’ll not only build a more capable, confident workforce, but you’ll demonstrate to your employees that you care about and are willing to invest in their personal development. All of this contributes to building a happy, motivated and engaged workforce.

Learning and development is also key to your business’ success. By delivering valuable learning tools to your employees whether that’s online training, workshops or accredited courses, you can address skill gaps, improve your employees’ abilities and strengthen your business for the future.

If your business hasn’t yet invested in learning and development, here are some key reasons why it should.

Improve retention

In today’s competitive job market, people truly value the chance to progress their skills. As a result, people are far more likely to be loyal to their employer if they have the opportunity to grow as individuals and further their career. Research supports this, with LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning & Development Report revealing that 94% of employees said that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

Giving your workforce access to courses and resources to expand their knowledge and refine their skills will therefore enhance your business’ employee value proposition. But to really influence your employees’ career choices and improve your business’ employee retention, the learning opportunities you deliver need to be tailored to your employees’ personal needs. That way, you’re supporting your employees’ career development and helping them develop as professionals.

Drive motivation

By investing in L&D, your business is clearly showing your employees that you value them as individuals and care about their personal development. Knowing this and having the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their abilities through work, will naturally give your employees a motivation boost. They’ll likely be more engaged with their jobs and willing to work harder to not only to support their own careers but your business too.

The types of training you offer to your employees will further impact their motivation as well. For example, you could provide training that helps individuals understand how their roles fit into your business’ purpose, mission and goals. Gaining a true understanding of how their jobs contribute to your business, your employees will have a real sense of purpose at work that will drive their day-to-day efforts.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a valuable reference point here. The pyramid below highlights the five key needs – the things that motivate human beings. Learning and development falls into the category of ‘Self-Actualisation’ and sits at the very top of the pyramid because it relates to personal growth, fulfilment and reaching our potential.

Boost employee wellbeing and confidence

In today’s ‘always on’ culture where productivity and progression are held in such high regard, people often tie their self-worth to their performance, achievements and position at work. As a result, a lack of variety or development at work can impact people’s confidence and overall wellbeing. L&D is therefore the perfect antidote as it feeds our human desire to grow and gives employees the agency to expand their knowledge and develop as professionals.

Whether it’s online courses, training days or workshops, giving your employees access to learning and development tools will help them build confidence in their abilities and in doing so, support their wellbeing. As a result, your employees will be more likely to feel optimistic about their career and therefore engaged at work.

Increase performance with employee engagement

Another very natural benefit of giving your employees access to learning tools is better performance. By refining their skills and expanding their knowledge, your employees will be better equipped to do their jobs and may even find new ways to enhance their efficiency too. This, coupled with our earlier points about learning having a positive impact on employees’ motivation and confidence, means that their performance will be better in their jobs too.

Of course, this is largely dependent on the type of training you deliver. To successfully drive performance, your learning tools should cater to employees’ specific roles and equip them with skills that will directly benefit their jobs. Don’t underestimate the value of soft skills training either as they can be just as valuable in helping your employees improve their performance.

Final thoughts

For learning and development to have a significant impact on employee engagement, firstly you need to tailor your approach to fit with your business’ values, mission and goals. Secondly, consider the types of learning tools you want offer and how you want to deliver them. Not only do the courses need to be interesting and engaging, but they need to be valuable to your employees and relate to their specific job roles. That way, your employees will be more driven to invest time into their personal development and be able to flourish as individuals.

As with all employee engagement activities, technology is playing an increasingly vital role. Thanks to digital learning tools, it’s now easy for businesses to take a tailored approach to learning and development and enable employees to access information and courses at home, at work and on the go. We partner with Peritus Learning & Development to deliver valuable online learning solutions to our clients through our advantage solution. As well as accessing thousands of discounts, free competitions and wellbeing features through the platform, employees can benefit from valuable courses from LEARN.

LEARN is an online learning solution developed by a team of learning professionals with a library of e-learning courses covering over 60 high quality modules. From soft skills and compliance to leadership and management development, modules are delivered in bitesize chunks and designed to deliver a fun and engaging experience.

One of the fantastic features of LEARN is that you can tailor the content to individuals and enrol them on courses that are relevant to their specific roles. That way, you’ll be more likely to see good engagement because employees have access to courses that will directly benefit them.

“At Peritus, we have over 20 years’ experience in learning and development and work in partnership with organisations to develop a bespoke blended solution. Our customers benefit from our experience, as we provide up to date information, advice and guidance on continued best practice and how to integrate and deploy online learning as part of a wider people strategy. We specialise in working with customers who are starting the online learning journey for the first time, or those who already have a solution to easily transfer from other providers, so they benefit from the latest technology, market leading UK rates and a 5/5 Capterra UK based service and expertise.

“Our online learning solution ‘LEARN’ has been designed specifically to support our fellow learning professionals and is used by customer brands, such as Motorpoint, Checkatrade, Investors in People and Eurocamp & Al Fresco Holidays. We provide the world’s number one platform which is used by over 6 million people, and alongside our experience and personalised approach we achieve 110% higher user engagement. We also score 5/5 Capterra ratings, which are reviews from our customers.”

– Steve Walker Group CEO – LEARN by Peritus

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