Why your business should be focusing on employee voice

Why your business should be focusing on employee voice

Many businesses often forget that communication with their employees should be two-way and neglect a key enabler of employee engagement – employee voice. But building a work culture which supports employee voice is key to ensuring your team members are motivated to reach their potential and connected to your business’ purpose. It will also create endless opportunities for your business to grow and develop. 

Employee voice within the workplace refers to all team members being invited to contribute and be actively involved in an ongoing discussion about their organisation, and to reinforce or challenge views, regardless of seniority.

Having the right tools and mechanisms in place to support employee voice can lead to both personal and organisational successes. Participating in decisions and feeling like a valued member of a community is important for both your employees’ wellbeing and motivation, as it helps to build relationships among colleagues,  improve the employee experience, and avoid workplace conflict.

In fact, according to Engage for Success, employee voice is one of the four enablers of engagement, meaning that there is a proven correlation between high levels of employee engagement, employee performance and employee voice. 

Here are four reasons why employee voice should be a key element of your HR strategy, and why you should be encouraging your employees to speak up.


Because most of us spend more time in a working environment than anywhere else, a sense of belonging is vital for high levels of engagement and productivity. Your employees want to feel like they are part of a team and make a meaningful contribution to your business. So, by encouraging your employees to share their thoughts and expertise, you’ll solidify their sense of belonging and demonstrate that their opinions are valid and valued. They’ll be able to play an active role in improving your business, which in turn will drive their levels of motivation and engagement.

Employee engagement hubs are a great tool for building online communities and encouraging employee voice through conversations with colleagues, particularly now as we all adjust to hybrid working and limited face-to-face social interactions. We have a social wall feature available for all of our solutions which allows individuals to share both personal and professional news, keep up to date with news and events, forge relationships with colleagues and managers and overall feel like they are contributing to their work community. Employees being able to exercise their voices in this virtual space is powerful and will truly reinforce their sense of belonging.


By encouraging your employees to contribute their ideas and play an active role in your organisation, you’ll demonstrate to them that they are appreciated and their individual thoughts and feelings matter. In the long-run, this will contribute to building a positive workplace culture whereby employees feel valued.

Employee voice also extends beyond the sharing of feedback and ideas though. It’s also essential that your employees feel comfortable sharing their personal concerns and challenges with their Manager and/or other members of your team. If individuals feel stressed and anxious in their personal lives, this may affect their relationships with colleagues and motivation to work to the best of their capability, so it’s important that they feel encouraged to share their concerns with Managers and access help if needed. By encouraging this communication from your employees, you’ll create a positive workplace culture whereby mental health and wellbeing are discussed freely with no judgement and your employees are able to get support whenever they need it.


Your employees know your business better than anyone and play a huge part in its overall success. They are therefore in a perfect position to provide valuable, honest and constructive feedback that will ultimately help your business be more successful. By giving your employees regular opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas, you’ll potentially uncover new ways to improve any challenges that you may have otherwise never known about.

Our ereward platform features quick polls and survey pop-ups on screen, which are a great way to start conversations and debates about various elements of your business, gauge feedback and improve the employee experience. Opening up this line of communication with your employees will show them that they can play a part in how your business operates. They will therefore be more emotionally connected to your business and invested in its success which will naturally lead to higher levels of engagement. 


Making a meaningful impact at work is key to employee job satisfaction. In fact, different research conducted over the past 5 years shows that millennials and generation z in particular are driven by purpose rather than traditional motivators such as salary. Doing meaningful work, understanding how their actions contribute to the wider picture and having the ability to shape the future of the business through their thoughts and ideas are therefore essential for these generations to feel satisfied and fulfilled in their roles.

This extends beyond two generations though. The notion of a simple transactional relationship between employee and employer is a thing of the past. People want to make a difference and influence the future of the business they’re working at. Giving your employees the ability to share their thoughts and ideas is therefore a key part of creating a sense of shared purpose and demonstrating to individuals that they can have a meaningful impact. 

Our ereward solution offers various feedback capabilities which supports a two-way communication all-year-round between employees and managers. This feature is ideal for gauging employees’ wants and needs and ensuring they are fully satisfied with their employee experience. 


So, as you can see, encouraging your employees to vocalise their thoughts, opinions, wants and needs is a really important step towards creating a positive working environment and a team of highly satisfied and engaged employees.

Our reward and recognition solution, ereward, has a variety of features that actively encourage individuals to speak up, recognise and reward one another for great work, and voice feedback to drive organisational improvements. 

For more information about ereward, as well as our other solutions and resources, click here.


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